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I think I am going to go ahead and get the Wheatfield HA - 1 to drive my Senn's. My last question before going ahead and getting this is for the price range, is there a headphone amp with a line out that is any better for the money? I prefer to buy this new.
I love the pair of clou cables and HD 600's. Sound incredible.
zdnet is really on a role. First, they sing of their praises of the Wave Radio and now they tell us of this "superior" technology.
ponzio, I bet they would, but I do not trust taking my 600's any where outside where the elements could potentially have their way with them.
I hate working in the same room as two other people because then I cannot sing at all. The people I work with are weird and don't take lunches anymore. I usually take mine an hour later and during that hour I could sing.
lol, yeah, sorry. I don't notice any difference either. I just wear it the way it feels most comfortable to me.
Awww, phooey. I can write HTML in my sleep. I just choose to let myself get sidetracked so I do not get even more work to do because I do it fast.
grrr223, but is your college rated number 1 in hard alcohol in the Princeton Review? Oh yeah, go BU.
People at MIT party? Wow, I would have never guess. I have the same problem. I am supposed to design this one clients website top to bottom in under a week on top of all my other projects so I can see this becoming interesting. Something is going to have to give. I know a couple of things that won't, my browsing through head-fi and listening to my newly aquired HD 6--'s.
I have the same problem myself, but then again, they stuff me in a little room in the very back of the library so noone can find nor see me.
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