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IMHO, I would recommend getting a T-bird 1.1 or 1.2 GHz. It isn't state of the art, but plenty fast, 512 megs of PC 133 SDRAM, and you might have enough money for the GeForce2 GTS. GeForce3 is way overrated so don't bother wasting your money on that. Also, the 1.4 Ghz process and DDR RAM will make only a small difference and you will pocket some cash.
grrr223, amen to that.
I second the sentiments on the Dave Matthews - Live at Luther College CD. Great guitar solo's that the 600's really show off.
How about some Westside Connection: "Irresistable b****, let's go!" "Where we goin?" "Westward ho!" That is the main chorus. I always found it funny.
I bought his old pair of Sennheiser HD 600's with Clou Cable Blue Jaspis. Great person to order from. Always was in constant communication and the product arrived in great shape with case, box, and manual. Would gladly buy from him again.
The Earmax Pro isn't "slightly more expensive" for me. Also, I do not think the Earmax has a line out on it. Thanks for the warning though. What would you say then? It could be solid state.
jaskin, I agree. It was a great song the first 30 times I heard it too. But, after having that song featured at Sear's and having to listen to it 6 times a night for a month, I got really sick of it.
I think it is with the long a (play-doh) sound.
It uses an ECC82/12AU7 and a pair of NOS 7044 tubes.
I like the 3000's, but I think I'll stay with the HD 600's and SR-225's for a little longer yet. Especially since I got my 600's only two days ago.
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