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I am a programmer of sorts. I know the basics of a lot of different languages, but none of them in depth. The one that has been the biggest pain in the arse for me has been actionscript. Actionscript is macromedia's version of javascript that is used in Flash. It sucks because in addition to having to find the line of code that doesn't work right when something goes wrong in the code, you have to find the frame that the code is in too. And for those of you that have...
I think KurtW is thinking about keeping the MOH, cause if he doesn't keep it, he knows that I am very interested.
Oops, sorry. Recommended the wrong one.
Yeah, the speakers are powered.
I don't know about the dentist, but my SR-225's always come with me when I go see the opthomologist since I always seem to sit there for at least three hours before being seen by the doctor for five minutes.
I never thought the SR-225's were too bright, but who knows? Everyone's different.
Also, do you think it would be a good combo with an HD 600?
I was curious about the audio out on it because I wanted to use it to hook my speakers up to and simplify the hooking up process and make a daisy chain. Delta Dio 24/96 - Rega Ear - Speakers For the price, it sounds like that is what I want.
Is this amp any good? I know they make a good CD player and at $225 for this amp, it seems to be a good deal. Also, I read that it has a line out. Is that true too?
I would recommend the ASUS A7 730S Series motherboard. You can check it out here:
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