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Yeah, I am going to get it and upgrade my Win98 partition. I love Win2K. So stable. I have a triboot with 98(Just in case all else fails), 2K, and Linux. I have a PIII 800, 512 megs of RAM, GeForce2 GTS w/64 megs DDR SDRAM, and SBLIVE and Delta Dio. It also is going to be getting a new upgrade of the logitech cordless freedom optical keyboard and mouse set soon. I love my computer very much.
I know what you mean. After reading about the MicroZOTL, I am now torn between the Headmaster and the ZOTL.
Today, I decided to say to hell with it and to get the Headmaster because it will save me from buying it in the future. My only question is where can I order it online?
How do you order from the signals website?
Just like me. I love to speak my mind IRL
coolvij, you are in the same boat as me. I have some nice cans, but no good source quite yet. That is next on my list. It should only take me a year to save up for the rega planet 2000.
I agree. All operating systems have strengths and weaknesses. When it comes down to it, it comes down to personal preference. I work on both mac's and pc's. At the end of the day, I prefer Windows 2k. It is my personal preference. It is what I like. But whenever I do graphics work or such, I use a mac. I am still trying to get Linux down, so I cannot honestly make an accurate opinion on that. But then again, those are my two cents.
Cool pics. It is true, those pads give it a much classier look to those cans.
vertigo-1, I know I would love the home also if you decide to sell.
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