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JeffKiel, you can get a pair of HD 600's for $220 at which is a really good buy for them and then you do nto have to compromise.
I just got a Panasonic 470 and love it. I think it sounds really good and it has a fairly largy LCD display which is nice. I got mine for $65 online so it was also priced pretty well.
Cause I use my Grado's at work mostly, I have to listen with a really quiet level in order to not disturb anyone. I would say that I listen at a level of 3 or 4.
Unfortunately I had no real choice in the matter and went with the 225's (The whole money thing kinda influences decisions). I also had no place to audition the 325's, but I have been very happy with the make up of the 225's. They are very light and sound incredible. I think that either way, you'll be happy just remember to consider how much money you have.
Yes, a message board! Now I can come here and read messages during the day!
I got a pair of RS-60's for my dorm room listening and I have been for the most part very happy. They sound decent and are very comfortable. The do not sound nearly as good as my Grado 225's, but the comfort and conveniance make up for it and you have to be fair to the headphones since they are wireless also. I do not think you can go wrong if you are using it at work.
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