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DRCope, as soon as I have money again, I plan on upgrading my power cable, buying a sony 333es (or 555es if I have to), and doing tube rolling. Right now, I am really, really, really poor. I am just really happy no matter what at this point with my amp.
Hehehe, I just heard things in this Dave Matthews song that I enver heard before. I actually heard his fingers moving along the strings in the intro to "If I had it all." Awesome.
I got my ZOTL today! I was just wondering any of you knew how long of a burn in time that it has? If you could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.
But really, who cares what color it is? Isn't the sound that matters?
I decided to go for blue.
After months and months of agonizing over what amp to get for my HD 600's and SR-225's, I have finally decided on the David Berning MicroZOTL. I was going to go with the Sugden headmaster, but then they had to get jacked up in price and so I changed my mind. I plan on giving my first review when it comes in. Thanks everyone for your help along the way when I was deciding.
Thanks for the help, but cause of the price and shipping costs, I changed my mind. Instead, I am going to go with the MicroZOTL because of KurtW's review. That, and for some reason I like the piece o' sh*t look that it has. It also would blend in much better in a dorm room.
Woohoo, new wireless optical mouse and keyboard arrived today. Sweet! I am going to be ordering myself the MicroZOTL on Monday too. So I am treating myself very well right now.
I find it funny to watch all the kids go around here at college with the sony MDR-VSH*TDJ headphones on acting like they are all that. I feel like whipping out my SR-225's and showing them what real headphones are like (Before all you senn guys get mad, I do also own a pair of HD 600's which I love to death.).
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