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As said above, looking to buy one of the two above. If you are looking to sell, PM me. Thanks.
I am selling my Grado SR-225's with carrying bag for $125 shipped. This is a money emergency so I really need to sell them. They are near mint. They are only missing one plastic nub on the right ear to keep the ear piece on which can be replaced for very cheap. Thanks.
I have a pair of Sennheiser RS-60 Wireless headphones here. They are nearly brand new and are in their box. I used them a total of two times before going with a pair of Grado SR-225's. I am selling them $100 shipped. PM if interested.
Well, that was quick. Sold.
I decided to also sell my MicroZOTL also for the purposes of getting money. It is less than six months old and still has all of its original packaging and manual. I am asking for $610 shipped. PM if interested.
Sale Pending...
Unfortunately, I am in quite a tight situation with my money right now and am seeing if anyone would be interested in purchasing these off me for $400 plus shipping. They are in fantastic condition. They are in their box when not connected to a microZOTL.
I have to give a big plug for this amplifier. This is one heck of a tube amp and it is a steal with the better tubes for $700.
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