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 The sound quality changes dramatically from 128kbps to 320kbps with $500 range earphones. And it is free or not cost too much to upgrade your library, so what are you waiting for?
 Yes, good enough. 
 Lol you better put YMMV after that but I can pretty sure that a man with only 1 pair of headphone will never has chance to know the differences of a song with different pairs of headphone.
Or from me, I have one for sale 
 Interested. How does the Lab 1 compare to Fitear 334 on vocal?
I've got it from a trade. I don't need fullsize setup. The DAC/AMP is brand new, never used. Full warranty.    If you take it with my HD800, you will get a very good price for the great combo.    Price includes ship ConUS. Buyer pays Paypal or gift.
Anyone tried the HDVD800 with the HD800? I am curious on how these combo sound. I have a trade offer on this combo but not sure if these are the right combo to me. Any impression is appreciated. Thanks
 Plz update me how the combo sounds with the Ref1/1plus2. If it is a really good combo, may be I will send my AK120 to Vinne.
 I wish I were one of the contestants arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I probably trade my stuffs for the combo HDVD800 + HD800 + CH800S and put these on sale so if you are interested shoot me a pm so we can discuss on that.   HDVD800 + HD800 + CH800S all brand new - never used.   Thanks.
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