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The RXMk3 is "too digital" to me. Mid bass is punchy and powerful but the sub bass is not very good. The mid range is dry which never brings me to the mood when I listen to vocal music. I prefer the the PANAMP most in Alo product line. It pairs really well with my Audeze headphones.
 Compare to....?
 Personally, I prefer the DUET much more than the RXMk3. It seems the only advantage of the RXMk3 compare to other portable amps is power. However, in order to get better sound quality and quite noise floor for IEMs, I will take the RXMk3 out of my list. Besides, the DUET has enough power to drive LCD series very well so you do not need a more-powerful portable amp to drive your HE500. If I need more powerful amp than the DUET, I would rather change to desktop setup.
Hifiman HE500 bought mid Jan this year, great condition + Hifiman OCC cable balance   Free ship WORLDWIDE  Buyer pays Paypal fee or gift   Thanks
 AK120 + DUET + LCD-X/Fitear 111 Great transparency and details. It improves the low range of F111. The amp section of AK120 is weak, it really needs to improve when pairing with high impedance headphone.
Up for sale my LCD-X in great condition. Willing to trade with LCD-XC in similar condition, I will add cash if needed.   The package includes: _ LCD-X _ Travel case _ ADZ6SE cable (single ended) _ Warranty documents   Free ship ConUS   Buyer pays Paypal fee or gift   Thanks
Q-cables are always really good for Audeze headphones    \
The DUET is dead quite, even when I pair with the high sensitive Fitear. Cypher Labs have done a great job on it.
I am interested in the Ultrasone Edition 9 so if anyone have it and want to try my Signature Pro, please let me know.   Headphone in great condition, comes with all original accessories.   Pictures:
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