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Couple years ago   
Shoot me an offer via pm. Thanks
I dont think mine default at 12 hours. It was 2 hours if I remember correctly. I have not tried 12 hours position as I heard too much bass at 2 hours position, I turned it all the way down to minimal. Yes, Roxanne is a basshead iem. The bass texture and PRaT are better than Angie to my ears.
The Angie has more bass than either one above at default bass config that made me a bit surprise. For that type of bass, I would prefer the Roxanne. Mid range is thicker than 111 and er4s.Overall the soundsign leans abit to warm and smooth. I turned the bass switch to minimum level. Everything seems right, nothing to complain but also no ~wow factor to me.
Have you received my message?
Great condition with full original accessories.   Buyer pays Paypal fee + shipping
I have a spare JH Angie new - still sealed for sale in case you want it.   Price includes ship ConUS Paypal on buyer or gift   Trade options: Angie + Theorem 720 / Corda DacCord for good amp, I can add cash if needed.
May be you want to join this discussion. I prefer the 4 pins XLR ~ cut cost
 Amazing !!! 
 Apple and Orange...but for sound quality and portability, I would vote for the AK240 but for power and p/p, I would be on 720 side. 
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