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Up for sale my Fostex TH900 Mk1 headphone full box in fair cosmetic condition. Pet free and no smoking environment. The package comes with below:   - Original box and stand - The headphone itself hardwired with Silver Dragon V3 cable - 1/4" Furutech adapter - 4 pins XRL Neutrik adapter   Buyer pays Paypal or gift. Free ship ConUS. Ref:   Let me know if you have question.   Thanks!
I have an irresistible deal on camera lens so up for sale my brand new - sealed Hifiman HE1000 v2. To be clear: It is the original v2 - not the one from upgrade program.   Free ship ConUS - Paypal on buyer or gift.   Any question, feel free to PM me. Thanks!
Still need? Check your pm
ha the kids have their user accounts with limited access with no permission to install software. I forgot to sign out from my account couple days ago and they took that chance. 
  Thanks for the info! It looks like the kids have downloaded and installed some Roblox stuffs that compromised the PC. I ran "hijackthis" and was able to delete some entries caused the issue. Everything is working fine now.
Hi,   Does everyone have issue accessing Head-fi? Everytime I got into Head-fi, my browser redirects me to the below link: hxxp://   It happens when I go to Head-fi only.    Thanks!
Any successful transaction yet? Out of my curiousity
Brand new cable - never used - never opened. Bought from authorized dealer.   Balance XLR 4 pins - 3m ~ 10ft   Same one are selling for $690 on Amazon and eBay:   Paypal on buyer or gift. Thanks!
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