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Look nice  
 I gave up on that :(
Everytime I go to this thread, I miss my HD800 so much :(
Somebody will jump in and say but the dip is still there. That is a 5k dip, that is very important. They simply can not get it out of their heads while listening to music. The sm64 is still my fav iem in $500 range.
 Also the deaf...that means if you have no knowledge about more expensive or better amps, you will not think about an upgrade :D
Up for sale my Bryston BHA-1 Silver in great condition. There is only 1 imperfection is the letter L in Low Gain was faded. Voltage: 110V   Price excludes Paypal and shipping fees. You can use gift option to save Paypal fee as well.   The amp will be shipped from US.
Up for sale Theorem 720 black in great condition.   Price includes shipping ConUS Buyer pays Paypal fee or gift
 The sound quality changes dramatically from 128kbps to 320kbps with $500 range earphones. And it is free or not cost too much to upgrade your library, so what are you waiting for?
 Yes, good enough. 
 Lol you better put YMMV after that but I can pretty sure that a man with only 1 pair of headphone will never has chance to know the differences of a song with different pairs of headphone.
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