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I have 2 cables and decided to keep one. You will get the brand new - never used - sealed.   Balance XLR 4 pins - 3m ~ 10ft   Free ship ConUS Paypal on buyers or gift
 How do you know it uses the same drivers as the TH900?
Changing my plan so I need to sell the AK320 - full seal - never opened - never used.   Trade to: - AK380 used - Cash on my side. - Zeiss Batis 85mm lense - Cash on your side. - Noble K10 universal - earlier version - Cash on your side.
 Supposed to be ear bugs, right? :p
 Thank you
  Correct. My question is about the differences between the version that is no longer in production (1) and the others (2)&(3).
 There are many responses from Noble but none of those for me...so sad :(
The next limited version gonna be in purple and white   
What is the benefit between the current housing compare to the original housing (universal version)?
TH900 has more mid-bass than XC if I remember correctly. For EDM listers, I may also consider Ultrasone Signature Pro with is cheaper, easier to driver and you can enjoy it on-the-go.
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