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If you are using the original "Strip board Cmoy" change R5 & R6 to alter the gain   use Tangents formula
Sorry I've not been much help with these recently, life has dealt a few blows    I have plenty of the boards still so if anyone needs one just drop me a pm   cheers FRED
Plenty of boards left :-)
Use the Cisco 48V power supply just the same as the original design   cheers FRED
I have plenty of the 12AU7 pcb's   cheers FRED
The size is right but the taper needs to be LOG   cheers FRED
In answer to all the questions, yes I have boards available :-)   cheers FRED
Yes PM me your email and country and I'll send an invoice   cheers FRED
No problems PM me your details   cheers FRED
The simple drawing program I used could not do a dual pot so I showed each channel as a single pot, in reality you will use a dual ganged pot   cheers FRED
New Posts  All Forums: