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Hi the boards are about 76mm square   cheers FRED
There is nothing stopping you mounting the tube sockets on the case and running wires to the pcb, if you are concerned about drilling holes   cheers FRED
No problem, PM me your email address and country   cheers FRED
Hi Yes got plenty :-) Boards are $3.75 each postage in Australia is $1.50   worldwide airmail $3.00 for up to 2 boards, then it jumps to $7.00 for up to 250g   send me your email address plus the number you want and I'll send a Paypal invoice   cheers
Very neat job, well done :-)   cheers FRED
You need to put up some pictures otherwise it could be lots of things   both sides of the board   cheers FRED
Copper is fine, don"t over think it :-)   cheers FRED
Leave pin 9 unconnected, it is the center tap of the two heaters and we need them to be in series cheerFRED
Someone else posted this and it's a very reasonable explanation   ~~Adding a 50K resistors before a volume pot virtually lengthens the resisting surface by 50K. Say you have a 50K pot that you never go over half its rotation range. Adding a 50K resistor before pushes that useless half outside the rotation range (not really on a log pot, but you get the idea). It's effectively stretching the first half of the pot across its whole rotation range. The value isn't important,...
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