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Yeah I got onto that too. I thought the last two pair I got from 1-day were great value at $18 each.
Ok now I think I hear the difference, even thru my portable rig. Been running them in parallel for a couple of months. Tidal HiFi is crisper with more detail and definition. Of course it's very easy to enter the realms of fantasy in this hobby.
Many Head-Fiers rave about the Nighthawk, and it suits my slightly darker preferences, however I took the Denons out to walk my girlfriend's dog yesterday. Usually I double stack my Sony Xperia Z Ultra with an Onkyo HA-200 dac/amp and use the 'hawks, but I'd left them at home. Straight from my phone I was shocked at how good the super comfy Denons were. Thankfully my head is just big enough ; ). I've always considered amplification to be crucial, and looked down in...
Headband snapped on my favourite cannons, which was a bit of a shock as I was just taking them off my head. Grabbed some Sol Tracks HD which are quite good, but I'm in the market for something good down low. Got the Audioquest Nighthawk recently; they have good bass, but not quite basshead level in my view. Low to medium impedance would suit my rigs I reckon.
20 or so hours on mine and couldn't be happier, although the thin cable could be shorter and ironically my Denon HA-D600 cables are better quality. Supremely comfortable yet secure enough for walking the dog. They don't demand huge power, even the Onkyo DAC HA200 drives them with bags of headroom.
I'd like to attend. Will bring the following: DAC-HA200 portable dac/amp Pro-Ject DAC Box S USB Pro-Ject Head Box S Audioquest Nighthawk Denon AH-D600 Might have a pair of Grados by meet day, listened to a workmate's SR80s last night and was very impressed.
There are a few pairs left for other Kiwis who get in quick. GF shocked me when she asked if I was going to AV World. She'd heard a radio ad for the 'Hawks.
Had my eyes on these for a while, and I have been entertained while reading this entire thread. Sad times yesterday when the headband on my favourite cans snapped, however I perked up when I checked my favourite headphone store online. Bear in mind NZ399 is around USD268. Gonna be there when they open at 9am this morning.
Nice one bro. I haven't used mine much lately, but they have pride of place, ready for watching tv. Comfort is out of this world. I've had some comfy cans in my time, ATH PRO700MK2 not included, but the little Sennys take the biscuit. My Denon AH-D600 are magically comfortable for big cans, but the GF has hidden them on account of unpaid rent. At the end of the day the PX95 is a little slow and thick, with limited soundstage height or depth, but as I said to a mate of...
Maybe my PSBs were old stock manufactured before they fixed the issue with the plastic. I only paid NZD200 and recouped most of that when I sold them. Great cans, just not if you're a basshead. I didn't edit the line about the wireless Sony MDR XB950BT. I mostly used them for walking the dog and other portable duties. Always had the bass boost on and for quite some time I thought they were fantastic. It was only after I got a decent home rig that I started to hear the...
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