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The Sony XBA H3s I got for half price put my full size cans to shame (Sony MDR V55, Logitech UE6000 with FiiO E07k Andes amp) in all regards but size of soundstage, so the customs should impress.
Lol, oops
More like 157 mm
So I picked up my H3s tonight and thought I'd give my first impressions. I plugged them in to my Sammy Galaxy Note 2 half an hour ago and the material is via Spotify Premium. These iems are something special. Powerful, dynamic sound with slammin' bass, smooth midrange and crisp treble. Bags of detail. Comfy too. I'd say they've got my Sony MDR V55s and Logitech UE6000 cans beat in every respect except soundstage. Seperation of each instrument is actually better but the...
Makes a change as we usually pay through the nose down here in NZ. Had to get my UE6000 cans from Amazon. Even with fifty bucks for freight I still saved over $100.
Yeah I thought the price might raise a few eyebrows. Here's a pic of the receipt to prove I'm legit. Sorry sfwalcer they said it was the last pair nationwide. The 50% off deal was to compete with another electronics store (that doesn't sell Sony) apparently.
Popped into the Sony store down here in the South Pacific (NZ) yesterday, despite my GF's protestations. Low and behold 50% off headphones. I'm after some IEMs and was considering Hifiman re400s for NZD170. Guy at the Sony store showed me some XBA H2s. They didn't have the H3s but he found the last pair in the land in Wellington. Paid NZD 175 (USD154) and pick them up on Thursday. Will give you my two cents worth next weekend.
Ask him why he wants to be a sheep and look like the rest of the flock. The flock that paid extra for an inferior product because it was shiny and 'cool'. I think paying extra for something of lesser quality just because of a label is either immature or ignorant or both.
Don't make me not watch this again
Anyway. The last few pages of this thread are making me tempted to pick some of these up: [/quote] If you're going to waste your money why not pick up a new iPhone with a half decent sized display aswell. Oh hang on they don't make one.
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