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Don't put your head above the parapet bro.
Had mine for a few months now and they are great. Not quite as natural, smooth or comfortable as my Nighthawks, however I love the big, powerful presentation and they are my favourite cans. Very easy to drive, as is the Audioquest. Possibly the ultimate 'phones for those like myself who favour a regular consumer type sound. I shudder to think what the Z1R will retail for once it arrives down under.
Bass seems to have opened up nicely on my 'hawks. Tighter than the Sony MDR Z7 bass and they have the edge in comfort and resolution too.
You've nailed it there Bluff. However along with my Audioquest Nighthawks, Sony MDR Z7s and Yamaha Pro500s, I also enjoy the Beats Pro (Pre Crapple Monster version).
These 'fart cannons' aren't bad I reckon. Certainly a stronger bass response than the 'hawks.
Nice to finally find cans which can compete with the Beats Pro down low. Definitely basshead worthy and a bag of chips.
Hey guys. Secured these today. They only have around 20 or so hours on them. Price is in kiwi pesos.
A closed version could be tuned for a stronger bass response than is possible with a semi open design, however I doubt it will be a bass monster. 'Hawks seem to be cheaper here in NZ than anywhere else, so fingers crossed the NightOwl will follow suit.Glad I got the liquid wood before they discontinue it.
You've picked up some bargains there bro. New or second hand? I also bought the Solo 2 and tried it out before giving it to my daughter. Nice little headphone. More comfortable than the VMODA M-80. Now the D600 is one comfortable can with it's lush pads. Looks a bit weird though.
I've only had the Monster Beats Pro a week, so it will be interesting to go back to the Yammies, which I love and got for an absolute steal. Suspect they will sound brighter with marginally better resolution etc but less bass response.Indeed the PRO500s bear a remarkable resemblance to the cheaper plastic Beats (not that the Studio models are cheap). Plenty of plastic too, however the paintwork is very nice and they do have high grade aluminium alloy earcups and some...
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