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Meizu Pro 5.
Been listening to the 'Hawks again since I picked up this smartphone with a separate symetrical amplification circuit with a Sabre 64 bit dac chip, TI op amp and 8 high current transistors plus high/low gain. Great combo. The Onkyo DAC-HA200 pictured is a touch too warm and smooth for them. Still less than 100 hours up I reckon.
Sorry guys, but I'm out. Since I got the big Yammys the 'Hawks have been languishing in their superb carrying case. The HPH Pro 500s are just so dynamic, clarity is superb and the bass extension is better for the genres I listen to.
It was my pleasure Badas. I thoroughly enjoyed the meet, even though my rig wouldn't play ball. Maybe it felt threatened by the massive Violectric V281 looking down on it. Haven't listened to flagship gear before so many thanks bro.
Wow Badas, didn't take you long to jump on the Nighthawk train after you tried them on Sunday. Nice for us that our favourite local HiFi store sells them for less than half the Amazon price. I enjoyed mine through your Oppo, but I was also very impressed with the results through the audio-dg dac/amp at the mini meet.
Thanks bro, but the Onkyo HA200 is just a portable DAC/Amp I was gonna bring along with my Pro-Ject DAC Box S and Head Box S. I'll pop into Avalon Audio today to return the Onkyo and try to do a deal on the Onkyo DACHA300. It's similar, but is a DAP aswell.
My Onkyo HA200 failed, but I'll try to grab a DACHA300 on Saturday to replace it. In addition to my Pro-Ject rig and Nighthawks I'll bring these Yamaha cannons. Remarkable clarity and dynamics for cans with such a great bass response and the treble doesn't hurt my ears at higher SPLs.
Remarkable clarity and dynamics for a can with a very good bass response.
Yeah I got onto that too. I thought the last two pair I got from 1-day were great value at $18 each.
Ok now I think I hear the difference, even thru my portable rig. Been running them in parallel for a couple of months. Tidal HiFi is crisper with more detail and definition. Of course it's very easy to enter the realms of fantasy in this hobby.
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