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I just bought the linksys wireless g adapter from target so far performance is terrible. i keep losing the signal every few minutes, and the signal is rather weak so pages load very slowly. maybe i've done something wrong with installation, or is the product just bad? any tips on how to get a good signal? the adapter is 2 rooms away from the router...maybe...600 square feet, which is in the advertised range. edit: i have a linksys g wireless router
Hooray! I can help here! Western Digital. I have a 100 GB portable hard drive. It's never given me any problems - just plug and play. Nothing to install. Computer recognizes it right away. Fast transfer rate. Never freezes up. I got a great deal on ebay. I'd rather get two smaller hard drives than one big one so you can back up your back up! Unless you really do have 320 gb of...material..... : )
Quote: Originally Posted by Seaside Slightly off topic too, but I'd like to point out two things. - Read reviews. If anyone complaining about short receiving range or lag, find another stuff. - If you're a FPS gamer, stick with wired ones. It's fine for office use though. When it comes to input device, I tend to like MS more than Logitech. I do read reviews, but the reviews are so polarizing that I end up ultimately more confused. Thus I...
Bose Triport, Senn PX100 or PX200; I can't tell, Sony MDR V6 I think it's called, a couple of Skullcandy headphones at my high school in LA. I have to say, the Skullcandy look pretty cool. Check this out though - my friend's dad makes the Skullcandy headphones! I ought to get some discounted They don't sound that bad.
Wires getting tangled and pulled is quite a hassle when moving! I would only buy IEMs for listening to music on the go - for at home use, I have to say, full sized headphones just sound better. Will wait for more positive reviews ; )
Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse set because my computer desk is getting too clumped with wires and I keep pulling the keyboard wire! I'm looking at these two: Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Set: Electronics Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 7000: Electronics Which do you think would be better in terms of comfort and sensitivity (ie doesn't miss any of the letters I type...I type pretty fast). Or suggest me another...
Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis An USB adapter is perfectly fine, as long as you get one from a renowned vendor. I'm looking at these three usb adapters on amazon: Belkin ME1001-USB Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter 802.11g: Electronics D-Link Wireless G USB 2.0 Adapter 802.11g, 54Mbps: Electronics Linksys WUSB54GC Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter: Electronics Anyone have experience with any of these?
Noise cancellation/leakage is really not one of my concerns because I'm buying the headphones primarily for at home use. Can someone answer these questions about the AD700 please: Do you think the sound quality on the AD700 is so superior to justify the size and look? Would someone with an average sized head have to balance the headphones on his/her head due to the headphone being too loose? How much sound do the AD700 leak compared to the Senn PX100? Would...
For use on an airplane I think an IEM or a closed headphone is the only way to go. I'd prefer an IEM just because there's so little space around your seat...well, at least in economy class. Turning up the volume high enough on open headphones to drown out the airplane engine sound will really damage your hearing!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by radlux andrew bird, joanna newsom and maybe patrick wolf Thanks for the suggestion. I love Andrew Bird! Never really liked Joanna Newsom though... Any other suggestions?
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