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I ordered this yesterday, I'm hoping that I will be able to get the Sony £50 cashback on this as well. Plus you can get a whole 0.5% back from quidco.
Thanks, but another thing is that I would quite like a warranty greater than 1 year, although that isn't quite as important as some of the other criteria.
That stands for pounds sterling (ie. Great Britain) and yes about $80 but depending on how much I would get for my money I would go above that, possibly quite a way above that.
Until recently I had a pair of Shure SCL2s, however after a little over a year the connection to the headphone jack and at the left ear piece has become very bad and so I have returned them. I have a bit of a dilemma as to what to replace them with so any advice would be appreciated... I would like to replace them with something a bit sturdier particularly around the connections, the cable on the SCL2s though was pretty sturdy. I found them quite comfortable and the...
The genres I listen to are Prog Metal, Power Metal, a bit of Drum n Bass (just for Pendulum) and some classical/romantic music mostly organ music.
Thanks for the replys. Big problem is I live in the UK so the denon's and Westone's are over my budget. I'm torn between the CX95s and the SE110s. The SE110s can be had about £20 cheaper though. I'm not sure what else there is in this range.
Hi everyone, I bought a pair of Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket 11mm back in November. They have now broken as the right earphone would not work. I paid £35 for them and I am looking for something in a similar price bracket. Models I am currently looking at are Sennheiser CX400, 500 and 95 and the Shure SE110. Can anybody compare the sound quality of these and the noise isolation? All of them come with a 2 year warranty so can anyone tell me about build quality and...
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