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for me the mod in the very first post in this thread did the job of giving enough space for my ear. I can really recommend that as the first to try, if someone might have forgotten that in the light of the many posts here :-)
Unfortunately not. It is converted down, which is a pity. The built in DAC allows it, and it is pretty OK though, but that is another story.
LG G2 I apologize if this has been mentioned, but with a superficial browse of the thread I cannot find it. My LG G2 the international version (80210a european version) works out of the box with Fiio E17, and also with my Hegel HD2 ( with an external power supply) using an OTG cable. I have tried wimp and the built in music player.
has anybody been able to compare the extension of the original pads described in the beginning of this thread with the pads from HM5? If so, what is the difference, in sound quality and comfort?
Making CAL flat for transport I broke a hinge on my CAL, it was the little metal thing that links the cup with the hanger that broke. Since I have done all the mods, and they sound really well I have been thinking about whether I could find a way to repair them.  I ended to  repair them with a screw, by drilling a hole in the hanger on the cup and put in the screw and link them back to the large hanger, the head of the screw serves as the turning point.  Then I...
USB audio recorder pro works fine after the update today - also for 96/24 files! (Nexus 7, Fiio E17).  Now we just need to convince him to create a simple interface for using it as music player..
Hi eXtream   As you can see I am not the only one who would like this, as I mailed to you. One way of not getting divorced would be to consider this much bigger market - just look at this forum to see the interest on a problem that you apparently have found a genuine solution to :-)
I got it to work - did not recognize the button to choose music format.. It plays 16 bit music fine, but it distorts 96/24 files, even if it triggers the FIIO to choose that. Hopefully the developers just need some time to solve that.    What a wonderful development!
"music stored on Galaxy S3 > USB Audio Recorder PRO player > digital USB audio out >> "USB OTG" cable >> FiiO E17 >> headphones"   Hi Danba. Which music formats have you got working with the recorder? It would be very exciting to be able to use it as the music player with formats up to 96/24. I have tried the USB Audio Recorder Pro with flac on Nexus 7/ FIIO e17. The program seems to recognize the DAC - but I cannot get it to play flac files  from that programme, but...
 Nexus 7 has upgraded to Android 4.2.1. When rooted (see first post), install the Faux kernel (v.0.12b11), and it works like a charm with Fiio E17. But you have to put in the usb wire before you start the N7. 
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