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Yep, have a guitar center 10 miles or so away. I drive by that freeway exit every day on my way to work, so I'll stop by.  Just curious, have you tried a 595? What is the bass on the Shures like compared to it?  I'm not a basshead by any means, but something with a BIT more bass than the 595 would be good.
I see...Well, I will see if I can find somewhere locally that carries the Shures or the others you mentioned. I live in Utah which means it is difficult sometimes to find stores that carry them. Have you personally tried out the Shures? What was the bass like in comparison to the M50?
On a scale from 1 to 100, 1 being absolutely uncolored, and 100 being completely colored, where would you say the M50s fall? What about the Shures?
Budget: Maximum $200, leaning towards the $130 - $150 range.  Closed/Open: This pair of headphones need to be closed because I intend on using them in a noisy environment and also at home, possibly around sleeping wife/kids. Equipment/Amp: Cell phone/work laptop when away from home, Onboard Soundcard ->(SPDIF) Onkyo TX-SR606 at home. Possibility of Little Dot MK IV SE eventually to power Beyer DT880 600ohm...But this is not going to happen for awhile.  Format:...
A co-worker got some ATH-M50s and I demoed them and I really like their sound, but this place has taught me two things: 1) There is always something better and 2) I am weak when it comes to actually buying a pair of headphones. I always have this feeling like I could have spent a bit more and gotten a pair just a BIT better...But I digress...   I am leaning towards the M50's, mostly because I've heard them and I really did like what I heard. I've seen these compared...
This is just a temporary solution, really... Sooner or later I'll pull the trigger on the 600-ohm DT880s + Little Dot MKIV SE. This is just a way to milk a little bit more listening enjoyment from my HD595s. They have well over 5000 hours of burn-in, if you believe in that sorta thing, and have served me really well...But I'm getting upgrade-itis :)
I have an Onkyo SX-TR606 that I am using as a headphone amplifier. It has made my Sennheiser HD595s sound better, but I am not sure if that is because they are now properly amped, or if it is because I am using SPDIF out from my computer to the receiver, bypassing the headphone jack. Any thoughts? Does this amp drive headphones well?
Thank you, sir!! I owe you!
Thanks, all! I'm going to head over to AVS and see what they think.  I found this: Based on the reviews (both pro and just product reviews by people who have bought it), I think that may have to be the one!
You are correct. I have Sennheiser HD595s and MDR-V6 as my primary headphones. I have some in ears, but those won't be used with this system at all (They are my "at work" headphones). I have an optical out for audio on my PC, so I could use that, but it is just the onboard card, so nothing special. A dedicated sound card is definitely on my list of things to purchase.  Somebody on Reddit suggested the Logitech Z906 5.1 pack as a lower-priced, but still good option. Any...
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