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Bought a RSA Predator Portable Amp from Tony. Good communication, shipped asap, and well packaged. Even threw in a mini to mini for me. I'd definitely deal with him again. Cheers
anyone know the release date of these new players?
Hey guys, I'm on the verge of getting the Predator.. But seeing as to how the SR-71A is coming out.. And I'm not sure how much I'll actually use of the DAC. I wonder I should wait for the SR-71A to be unveiled by Ray then to make my decision? Choices choices..
Sorry please remove me from the queue.
Thanks for the input guys. I was looking at your mini review thread as well HeadphoneAddict, I think I'll go with the Predator. Have to wait till next month to get it though. Trying to keep a budget.
Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase a portable amp that I will be using for at least the next three years. I like the Python because it uses triple A batteries, and I've always been abit paranoid about battery life. Especially since my Iaudio x5's battery can't hold too long a charge anymore. If i'm looking at just getting one amp for long term use, would the added costs for a RSA Predator or Pico justify the better SQ over the long term?
hey guys, these are probably dumb questions.. But here goes.. What is the difference between the Pico's 24/96 DAC and the Predator's DAC? And is there anywhere, that I can compare their sizes?
Thanks for the info Packgrog. I placed my order for the m5's yesterday. Can't wait to try them out. I haven't worn my e4c's over the ear like my previous pair. Been treating them delicately these days.
Hey Roxxor, forgive my ignorance, but what does LOD stand for?
Thanks guys.
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