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Selling a used but excellent condition Ragnarok.  I no longer need it as a headphone amp and my speakers need more power so going to let this go.  I have the box and paperwork.
O2 mk1. Can't imagine anything sounding better with the BHSE other than your rig
I have nothing to add other than I love my BHSE and more importantly, how are you and the family Gary?
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Smyth came down to CanJam '08 and we set them up in their own room with a realiser A8 and they also set up a nice speaker rig for comparison. It was easily the most amazing piece of audio gear I've ever heard. Came close to buying it a few times but never pulled the trigger. This new one may be the one I finally buy if it is as good as as the A8.
Glad you got to hear the Kaiser 10 universal. I was hoping for a better result. I guess I'm sticking with my JH13's for now.
Sold: Bought this about 4 months ago from Schitt. No issues, cosmetically a 9/10. Comes with box, papers, etc. moving up to a Yggdrasil. Shipping included.
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I'm hoping to have a Headamp BHSE with O2's. I have a Ragnarok, He 500 and HE-6 with a Gungnir MB DAC. Not sure what Oz is bringing but likely the HE-1000 and probably some Audeze cans.
I will send my address to those who have posted thread later today.  I am thinking doing this from 11:00 to 3:00 or so on Saturday.
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