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Good question. I am looking at buying one. Haha:) Good luck with the sale and will keep and eye out for you on the for sale forum.   Cheers G
My set up Headphone grado magnus v5 Dap sony x1060 Amp the protector It sounds great... Although my senn cans are pretty sweet as well.
Looking for x1060 (with english menu structure) currently have japanese version and driving me made.
If treble is an issue would silver cables not help to lift the treble. Solving this shortcoming
Hope tobtry one of his pairs one day with mine siny z7's. Sure looks like a quality product
Good point anybody tried aftermarket cables? And how did they influence the sound.
Hi Frank, Anythoughts on cables for the sony Z7. All my ceim and sennheisers have a toxic cable so am just wondering )))
Sweet will give it a go. But the wireless speaker is not a cheap one. Beoplay a2 so will have to be careful that is for sure
Maybe a stupid question but have a small party comming up and was wondering if I could plug in one those small "wireless" speakers using a mini to mini. Crack headphone out to line in on the speaker. Again sorry if it is a stupid question but generally not used to play music for anybody else;)
Oops double post...
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