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Most def not the silver poison
Lol I bought mine so long ago I forgot the name:) Frank might remember. They truly sound magical...
That is the colour of the cable that I ordered from frank.
Ps feel free to guess what it all is:) I tell you one thing... it is very sweet sounding:)
Okay since I finally had time to make a picture of my set up.... My toxic sony set up:)
Yes I am a toxic junky... Yes these are all high quality toxic cables... Truly a cable for every occasion....
Hi all, I just want to say I bought a few cables from frank and they sound great:) best cables ever... The wait might be exesive but by now everybody knows that. Frank is busy man and probably has a personal live 2;) on a whole pick the cable that suits you and just enjoy the surprise when they arrive. My amperion replacement is soooooo sweet I.would wait a year if needed. Might order another set for Xmas (2014)
This combination really rocks. Tried many modern music players but always return to my trusted MD player and the toxic cables are just the icing on the cake. as we all know you will be hard pressed to find a cable with better craftsmanship. Sound is personal so will let everybody judge for them self's
Some toxic p0rn.     The Toxic SP cables sound amazing. Switched a few times between other cables and I keep coming back to the SP. Craftsmanship is great and would buy these cables for the feel and quality alone. :)
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