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My 2nd fave Hendrix song after the wind cries Mary.
That makes jokers of the two of us
Is that a rusty trombone?
NO.   Audiophiles are Equipment fetishists.    You don't need to be able to distinguish the bass guitarists nose hairs resonating to enjoy music.    Good music is about how it makes you feel, you don't need HiFi for that.   Although by default I think I need all sorts of kit. In reality, I want it.
Might be hard to make a sound judgement when the bass response is not right..   Just sayin :)
What accusations?   Saying a product is as good/bad as other price comparable products is not an accusation, it is an opinion. It is allowed.   Whilst I agree with break in, and it can make a difference (I'll find out soon). I really don't know where you are coming from...
I wouldn't believe anything for a couple of days, let that woofer burn in!
Grandaddy.   He's simple, he's dumb, he's the pilot. There is some lovely bass in this. Sounds surprisingly sophisticated for the 'Lo-Fi' tag.     Turin Brakes.   Red Moon, from Jackinabox. If your rig can resolve the bassline in this song you have a good system.
Missed my delivery this morning. I am most impressed with the speed of shipping to the UK from Hong Kong.    Should get them tomorrow.    To all who have asked for impressions on these. Give it a week or so, there should be plenty by then.
Headhunters.   Album or band. Herbie Hancock Grooves.
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