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Half full glass of wine is great. Its on the EP. Listening to it now.
Don't know about the other phones, but I very much doubt they would fit.  Depends on the shape of your ears...
I would say that you are now making a proper seal and not bleeding away bass energy.   Can you estimate whether the insertion depth is similar to using the foams?
These will have to go I am afraid.   They are just not long term comfortable. I have quite odd shaped ears and these don't seem to fit, worn up or down. just raiding my tips stockpile!   Oh well I can always give them to the wife.   Further overnight burning in seems to have rebalanced much of the midrange..   I would like to see a FR chart for these, I expect it to look like the Himalayas.   I stand my my earlier appraisal of these, Lower registers...
FedEx use Sprinters here.   BaDum Tish!
They were about $1200 Aus$ back in 2009.   Very nice bits of kit. In wall dipole speakers.   A pair went on the bay last year for about $300 US
Lourdes, earlier  
Hehe.   These are neither to my ear.
They are very nice. THX certified iirc. They were £100 new. I will give you £50 for them, and I'm cutting my own throat.
My first review. Gulp.   Picked mine up today. Been aggressively burning in for the last 6 hours or so, here are my thoughts and comparison to my GR06. Burn in was connection to my Galaxy S3 and playing Bass heavy dance and shuffle.   Please not that these are my opinions, you may not agree. I bought these with my very own money and have no allegence to anyone.   I will be using my iPod video and E6 all files are 320k MP3's   Tracks used.   Grandaddy...
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