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Utter Genius and derserves a requote. I am laughing like an idiot (again)...
Bad karaoke that one. Got all keywords wrong and everything. Phauls boutique kicks arse. Dirtchamber sessions is not bad either.
Stupid phone.
They look like they are from another planet. Look forward to seeing reviews.h
40 Year old White rockers Rapping.   See V by live for  truly awful examples.   Truly shocking.
I will update later. Should have about 30-40 Hrs on by now. (Been on in a drawer).     Thoughts from listening with about 24 Hrs on them.   I still think the bass is too big, slow and monosyllabic and there is some odd stuff happening in the midrange. I don't know if it is a frequency response thing but some midrange notes seem to leap out at you and others don't. I still find the mids OK, but some tracks seem lack detail.   I still find the treble OK...
It works fine on the S3. I tried it.
Where are you located?
In work. Open plan offices can be a pain. Generally get an hour or so quality listening before sleep.
Not trying to point my finger at the OP, but I have been wondering this for ages..     Why do people wear expensive IEM's for the Gym/exercise? Shurely (geddit) the chances of snagging a cable, ruining the driver with sweat, or some other mishap are pretty high.   I would say get a couple of pairs of cheap as chips IEMs, Treat them as disposable.   If you casn listen t music and notice the sound from the headphones, are you trying hard enough??   Or am...
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