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Sorry Didn't see you were after detachable cables.
How about a 3rd way.   Etys with a custom sleeve??
Sounds like you are having fun. I went through the same sort of process a few years ago. I decided to go really budget with a set of goldring NS1000 for 50 quid. Amazing noise cancellation considering the cost. They don't sound particularly good, but are adequate for the office. I now only use these on long train/plane journeys, as iems are better for the office. I also bought a set of audio technica closed phones for home use. I completely agree about tool for the job.
Well said. I don't get the rolling stones either, or radiohead for that matter.   Music choice is so personal, its good to discuss, but not worth arguing about, although I have been known to bait radiohead fans from time to time. 
6Hz for me.   My hearing isn't awesome.
You can afford a set of customs.    Check out the Cosmic ears thread.   Driver size is irrelevent to a fair degree.
Why do you want to look like Princess Leia?   How about a decent pair of IEMs plenty of big hitters out there. You are also less of an obvious target for being mugged.
Yay!   I think it may be time for my meds...
They look a bit like the GR01.   Boo. You all missed my joke.
Resolve = being able to follow the start and end of each note, rather than having an amorphous bass 'soup'. Its the sort of bass when coupled with depth and punch that costs a lot. DT770's struggled with that track.
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