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Just for men. Because grey haired blokes don't get jobs/chicks. They make me want to hurt things.
Lindrone.   Thanks for the reply. Makes a lot of sense to me. One of the many areas where HiFi knowledge is not particularly transferable :)      My fit issues are due to a small and shallow concha. I bought a set of Branwavs R1 to try them out (office use),  and they are agonising after a short tine as they put need t be angled oddly to fit into my ear canal. Given them to the wife. Even My GR06 are not truly long term comfortable, the adjustable nozzles are...
True. But I am only interested in closed designs Moving on. What in your opinion is the most expensive IEMS you would use with an unamped iPod?
Pink Floyd. Fat Old Sun.   What a song, then only thing I can find wrong with it is that its not long enough. Gilmours work on this is just stunning.
Custom sleeves on some new Etys? Should give Better bass and keep the rest of the Etys goodness.
Nice reviews Sonny.   The Single BA sounds like a nice bit of kit.   I am a fan of the GR06 too so we may have similar taste :) Its bass is too slow to be ideal for me.   I reckon the Dual BA may be the sweetspot in the range.   Just waiting to be able to place an order before committing. Any ideas when we will be up and running there?    Got a real urge to spend some munneh.   Come on Phil!
w00t :)   Just making sure!   Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the HY3v2. I suspected that Swimsonny's would be bass monsters.   I was going to go down the path of the triple BA, but the HY3v2 has really thrown a spanner in the works.   I am looking for    Fast, articulate bass that has significant punch when needed, liquid midrange, present but not harsh treble. Attributes that tend not to be cheap.
On the other hand. Spend a couple of weeks with some No-Fi and you stop caring.
Any UK guys been hit for VAT on these??
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