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Laughing stock. Nothing comes close. I do like Ten and Nevermind.
+1. Buy the cheapest body that has the features you need, spend more on good quality glass. Glass holds its value much better. As a first camera a used d80/90 is a great place to start.
I am in a similar position. I found the vSonics (gr04, 6, 7) to be best for comfort due to adjustable nozzles. They are very highly regarded here.
Many would disagree with this. It's a bold statement.
Where did I say it was technically better?    I really like the way vinyl (and a good cassette) sounds. Probably the nostalgia factor though.   I wonder if ther is some confusion between dynamic range compression and VBR (dynamic bitrate)?
I'm 40, have some hearing damage.   Can hear 20-15000Hz   Pretty happy with that.
One of those green pens to prevent light scattering from your CD's.    Awesome!
I can't tell the difference at 320kbps mp3, so that's what I use. It's compatible with absolutely everything!   I still prefer vinyl from a good turntable though.    I was looking forward to someone else flouncing out!
Masters of Reality was the modern prototype for the 'desert rock' bands. Or anything inclusing Josh Homme.   The Delicious Vinyl album is stonking, Used to be a bit tricky to get hold of especially in the UK.   They seem to have been one of those bands I really like, but never bought their stuff. That is about to change! Sufferbus isn't on spotify. Boo.   I am listening to tubular bells at this very moment
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