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Good Choice.   Home and dry is the pick of that album for me.
I will check them out.
Just. Dont.
Sony mh1 Just realised you wanted a bud. Sorry.
Got about 30 hours on these now. Bought for the princely sum of £12.   I bought these for casual listening in the offices (podcasts and whatnot). so comfort/convenience was key. They have exceeded my expectations by some margin.    Their bass is their weak/strong point depending on your point of view.   For the consumer it is designed for it has plenty of bass. - Win.   For more critical listening, the bass is too flabby, bass notes can bleed into one...
And you're back in the room!   Thanks Sead.   I really appreciate the time you have taken to illustrate the development process for the MH-1. You are a brave man, and also proud of the fruits of your labour. It is also a good thing to see your enthusiasm demonstrated by you being active in the Modding discussions.    I wish more designers and engineers would be as open as you have been.   I must admit the cost compromises that you have made are of...
Sounds great, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.   These sound just like I want the HY3 to sound.   I am still tempted by the triple BA though.   Its Moot as i can't order anything though.
I haven't listened to Deftones since White Pony.   On the edge of my musical taste, but reminds me of great times.
Never connected to that album. 
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