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I was Illustrating the point that maybe the GR01 could be saved with a proper damper (rather than bits of foam). Definitely cheaper than new 'phones. 
I'm selling mine if anyone (in the UK) is interested.   My ears are incompatible.
Agree.   Money staying in pocket.
Not really.   Many here are suggesting you buy a used body (the part that suffers the most depreciation), especially one with an AF motor drive, this greatly increases the lens flexibility you have.   I have a D90 with an 18-200 and 50mm F1.8D (which is silly cheap). The 18-105 kit lens is pretty flexible, but I had the 18-200 so no competition really. Combine with a SB600 and tripod, and you have a lot of bases covered.   Remember, the most important bit of the camera is...
Its not snobby at all.    I must admit I struggle with shoegaze a bit. For example, I love Ferment, but much of the other shoegaze classics leave me cold.    I am the same with Radiohead. The rest of my music collection points to me liking them, but I really, really don't.   Swings and roundabouts.   I will try Loveless again though. Promise.
Cheers David.   Lets see what the latest news is later this week eh.
Still nothing to order.   I really don't want this to be vapourware.   Get it sorted!
  Well Boys and girls, it looks like we have categorically proven that sarcasm has a half life.
Hi.   Decided to sell my Brainwavs R1's.   About 40 Hrs use (about 3 in my ear). I just can't get comfortable with these and have now bought a set of MH-1's for use in the office.   I have the original box, all packaging and tips. I can post pics later, but these really are like new.   Looking for £15 + postage. Which is about half the new price.   Happy to ship internationally, but the postal costs will mount up quickly.
I think you should get the correct damper installed in the GR01's before giving up.   I was looking at getting some of these and pretty much every review I saw stated that they were one of the smoother TWFK sets.  Having the wrong impedence material in the nozzle will ruin the sound. The 'paper filter' is a lot more than that. it is an acoustic damper used to attenuate and tune the sound from the drivers.   You may be able to transform these for...
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