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Why? The Xen part of HL was rubbish.   I think it is pretty much spot on. Although Source related ladder fail is infuriating.
I think the issues here is that they have become a de facto recommendation almost without exception.   The $20 isn't the point here, What others are driving at is that a 'poor' recommendation (not meeting the OP's requiremtns) reflects badly on the whole forum.   Imagine for example, someone is looking for something a bit like an Ety. The MH1C is recommended by default. OP, buys the MH1 . OP is rightly pissed that they don't sound anything like what was...
There is a huge amount of hot air about these.    I use the almost exclusively in the office and the warm consumer friendly signature is perfect for low intensity listening. To be fair, this was exactly what they were designed to do.   From My comments on the King of value thread.     "Their bass is their weak/strong point depending on your point of view. For the consumer it is designed for it has plenty of bass. - Win. For more critical listening, the...
how much money do you have?   you want to drive them from the ipod i assume.
In what way are you uncomfortable.   - Outer ear pain? I can only wear certain IEMs as they just don't fit my ears properly.   - Pain inside the ear like you have had overexposure to loud noise.   - Not sure, my ears just hurt.   Will help us work out whats going on.   I suspect you discomfort is due to poor fit. Start with the smallest tips and increase size until you get some bass from your IEMS. 
Yay for new kit :)   VSonic GR04/06 have adjustable nozzles. Will have to be an eBay or similar purchase. They are great phones.
Chewbacca defence?
Buy a new plug for your pioneers??
The company make the ones on your head at this moment.   Better than no music.
Yes. Shoot High, Aim Low.   A guilty pleasure of mine. 
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