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I think that if you are seriously considering a B52 you should also consider the Eddie Current Balancing Act. It is priced below the B52 and to my ears sounds significantly better with all my personal cans (K340, K701, HD650) as well as the HD800 and LCD-2 which I have heard on other systems. Also, my Balancing Act is from the initial run and uses 307A tubes. I have heard all of the aforementioned cans except the K701 on BAs using AD1s and PX4s. 
We will be in town for the NYC Half Marathon so I will make every attempt to stop in and say "Hey". Looks like mid-day may be the best time. 
Note: These are for sale only. Not interested in trades. Thanks.
I have two Squeezebox v.3 for sale. One is an older model with the old style remote and the other is a new model. both come with original remote, power supply and box. I have one original manual and one copy. You can download a PDF copy which is actually more useful. Each is priced at $150 + actual shipping costs. Both are packed and ready to go. I have one squeezebox duet consisting of the receive and controller. It includes the original power supply, box, and manual....
Craig never stops working on and tweaking his designs, so what is your point?
Somebody else would have to do it first.
Although I certainly understand the problems with May and would absolutely love to attend a CanJam in NYC, April is a definite no go for me because of my academic calendar.
Thanks, I have no worries about liking it, and I have not even been lusting over the T2 clone. I cannot foresee any amp upgrades but I do see some source changes in the near future.
Well I actually received my BHSE at CanJam. It looks absolutely wonderful and the construction is the typical HeadAmp build, i.e. Practically perfect in every way. Unfortunately, we had to go out of town two days later so I still have not had a chance to hear it in my system :( . That will have to wait until we return. Stay tuned for more info, including the obligatory photos.
A little late here but I had a superb transaction with Carl. He bought my Stax 404LEs and it was one the smoothest and most pleasant transactions in quite a while. Thanks Carl.
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