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Must be willing to ship to Canada. Pm with what you have
Can you let me know if the sale does not go through? Thanks
Hardly used and will come with a mini cable. I can throw in an AC adaptor but it will cost extra for shipping. Don't think it is worth it since you can find one from Radio shack for cheap. This is also the newer version that allows you to adjust the gain. Open to Canada (prefer) and the Con. US Paypal and money order only. Price includes Paypal fees by the way.
Pm me with what you got. I am in Canada and will pay via paypal (cc)
Thanks! Never knew that
*** I made a mistake with the price on the Listing Title*** Price:$45 Condition:9.5/10 (only because it is not new but otherwise, it has been sitting in a pouch my GF made for me. Not included.) Postage Details: North America Only. Payment Options: Paypal preferred, Money Order. Accessories: Mini Cable, Ac Adaptor (if requested. Will increase your postage charge.), and I will throw in free rechargeable batteries.[B] The Ac Adaptor will add to shipping weight but...
New to Head Fi and Just recently purchased 3 headpones: 1) Grado SR-80 ---> Great 2) Senn HD 280 ---> Don't particulary like but the PA2V2 adds some life 3) Westone UM1 ---> Comfortable I am currently using a PA2V2 and it seems very capable for the above mentioned headphones. But, I am wanting to get either the HD580 or the HD595 (really just depends on price) and curious if the PA2V2 is adequate. Or, should I really save up for a decent amp to take full...
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