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Cans are sold. Not sure how I delete this thread..
Thanks for the interest everyone. Please take note of the following points:   1. I've receievd multiple offers at my asking price so for now, please refrain from making offers below my price. I believe, the price is fair given the condition and limited use. 2. All PMs have been replied to. In your PM (If you are serious), please include a Postal Code and if you have one, your eBay user ID so I can look up feedback.   Thanks!
I've had these for a little over 4 years but they've been sitting in the closet for the last two. Just don't have the right supporting equipment to truly enjoy them. Condition is 8/10. Someone asked me a very good question in regards to the conditon. The question was: "What makes them an 8/10 or in other words, why the missing two points?" Answer: I feel as though they are used, they can never truely be 10/10. A 9/10 for me is the highest attainable grade (that is...
Bought HD 580 and item was shipped carefully and the day after. Great seller.
Quote: Normal price for Head-Direct. I would get the PK3. *Apparently* the PK2 is less fun, just more analytical and is better off with an amp. Thanks! I just saw the words "sale" and thought it might have been a limited time offer. For $39, guess I can't go wrong.
Would rather pick them up later but if this is indeed a sale, I will grab them now | YUIN Is this the normal price or do you guys think it's a good deal? *Looking at the Yuin Pk2 but the Pk3 for $39 is mighty tempting
FOUND It's funny how life works. I was looking for the 225 and somehow convinced myself that the 595 would have enough of a forward sound but will be picking up a set of 580. Weird.
Come on guys! Get rid of your Grado collection! Last bump before I settle for some Senns
Bump! ** Also considering HD 595, 580
Thanks, I never even knew about canuckaudiomart And I didn't know (debitsohn) you were willing to ship to canada
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