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They are nothing alike. The COP is warm, bassy, with smooth treble. It's more akin to the DT770 Pro 80Ohm.
 Cykelvin, you shouldn't waste your money on upgrade cables that cost that much. Get one of those $40 ones from ebay as they sound the exact same as $500, or rather cables have to specific sound to them.
Cables make little to no difference. It's all placebo. That's like saying power cables make a difference. I used to believe in that stuff but now think it's all hokus pokus.
I just got my connectors in from China and I made a balanced cable for my HD700. The sound has improved with smoother treble and more control over the bass, but otherwise it's mostly the same as out of my V200.
No to revive an old dead thread but:   The question is, is the Phonitor Mini better than my Auditor.... I might have to upgrade.
I use the V200 amp which is already incredibly powerful. I doubt it'd control it much better than this.
New Posts  All Forums: