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Spartan,   Did you mail it to the next participant? If not please do so.
So after moving and getting stuff unpacked, here's what the new room. I let my brother use my Harman/Kardon 30BQi's. Also the speakers are Wharfedale MFM7's. Got them off Craigslist for $200! Those sucker went for $1,500 10 years ago! What cool is that I can bi-amp them and my NAD supports bi-amping, so yeah I bi-amped them. Enjoy!        
 Or the K702. The Q701 is cheaper and more or less the same.
Th Freeloader no longer works on the Wii since they patched it out a long while back. Same goes for Action Replay.
 IMO those PanasonicQ Gamecubes are a mixed bag. They have tons of functionality but are expensive. You can buy a normal Gamecube and install a XenoGC chip for under $50.
Martin,   I have a ton of Super Famicom games but my original Famicom library is small. I only recently started collecting Famicom but so far I have:   Akumajou Supeshiaru: Boku Dorakyura-kun Akumajou Densetsu Akumajou Dorakyura Super Mario Bros. Super Mario 3   Thanks to the Retron5 I don't need to buy an AV Famicom, but I'd like one for collectors sake. It's an Android based emulation machine that uses the original carts.   Axel, my PSN is SaiyanElite87
I'll be getting on BF4 PS4 soon. Just got done with an epic match on the X1. Went 27-4... my best yet on Conquest Hardcore.   Axel, just add me. I'll play with ya.
Try it directly out of a phone/DAP if possible. This might help weed out other issues.
I've been telling you it's not the HDMI man, it's a compatibility issue with your system and your TV. I know a few people who have this issue on one of their TV's, but on another TV the PS4 is fine. You shouldn't have sent it in as they'll send you a different PS4 back, not your original system. You'll have to redownlaod everything and install everything again. Plus there's no guarantee the issue will be fixed.   Sony's repair service is bad like Microshafts. They send...
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