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What have I started here?!?! I vanish from the thread and see there was some mini bout with Hairspray...   In other news I picked up some D200's and they were exactly as I remembered the DJ100. Warm, bassy, and smooth. I'll still say they weren't worth the $70 I dropped on them but the detachable cable is a nice positive. To clarify, I enjoy these headphones, I mainly feel they are overhyped. The DJ100 for $40 is an excellent deal. I'm thinking of picking up and modding...
The program is still happening. I've added everyone to the list. EliteSpartan03, I'll be PM'ing you shortly for your address.   Also where on reddit where you linked to this from iRawrz?
WhiteCrow, you wouldn't be a Resident Evil fan would you? Something about your username reminds me of another user from a RE forum...   Anyways I am looking forward to the remake of Resident Evil Survivor, or rather a re-imaging of it. It's called Resident Evil: Behind The Mask, and it's going to be a remake of Survivor, but in the style of RE1-3! Look it up on Youtube. This game is being built for PS1 hardware and looks incredible. I can not wait for the demo of it to...
I've been playing Wolfenstein The New Order and love it! To me it reminds me of Return To Castle Wolfenstein on the original Xbox (I played the PC version first though). In fact I broke out my Xbox and started playing Return To Castle Wolfenstein again. The memories! Both are easily on my list of favorite games. Now onto Wolfenstein 3D on my PS3 after I beat both of the other games....
 I wan't arguing about analog cables, I jsut think getting digital only cables from Audioquest are a waste of money. Analog cables always will have some impact on the sound. It's up to the person buying the stuff to decide whether they want to or not. If you guys are looking for great cables for cheap, look at Belkin Pure AV cables. They easily sound like $100 cables and are like $10.
You're added to the list.
 I honestly don't think the Audioquest are worth $34. They are no better than $5 optical cables. EDIT: Reworded post.
It's safe to say the X1 stomp the DT770/80 into the ground repeatedly and then finish them off with a curb stomp. They are well worth the $200+ I spent on them. They out perform a lot of cans in the $200 bracket.   After extended listening with the L1 I found it to be well worth it's price as well. They are easily worth $150.
Indeed the adapter loan program is open to the US and Canada. Let me know if you're interested. I've pretty much got the final design down.
I've added you to the list.
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