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 Sorry, I've not logged into Head-Fi for months. Honestly I don't think there'll be any improvement from burn in. I've had my unit for a year and it still sound the same as on day one.
 Not faulty I'm afraid, though my Phonitor Mini's amp section fully blew out a week back.... Sad times. Well I use my Violectric V800 DAC and use a bunch of metal and rock to test out my headphones. Nothing in lossless quality, as there's no difference between my LAME encoded MP3's and FLAC. I do have some stuff from HDTracks that sounds great (Rush - Moving Pictures) and a bunch of Mobile Fidelity stuff. All being feed to the V800 via USB 2.0. There's no audible...
 It's lacking far to much micro detail for me. Not a bad pairing, but compared to my ROC and Phonitor Mini, there is a lot of detail missing. The V200 smears some transients and detail and darkens the sound. Though with the DT990, the V200 makes such a good difference. I can't listen to the HD800 on my V200 because of the muddles bits and lack of transient attack.
I don't think the V200 should be considered with the HD800 at all. You loose a bit of top end detail, air, and the soundstage is a bit smaller. The tone is warmer overall, but I can't get over the lack of ultra fine detail that the V200 is missing. After using the Phonitor Mini and switching to the V200, I can tell a lot of smaller details are lost and the resolution of the amp is lacking. The sound is a bit more congested. Bass looses some tightness and definition as well...
I might go try the Ether sometime, but for now I am content with what I have. That is unless you'd let me borrow yours ;)   I know the Ethers are his own design, which is pretty damn cool. Going from modding headphone, to making your own. That's really cool.   I think this thread has been derailed enough though. Back to the HD700 discussion.
You could definitely get away with using the Schiit stack with the HD800, but the benefit a lot from better gear. I use them with my FiiO X1 player and they sound great, but out of my Phonitor Mini... there's a stark difference on some material. But with metal and such, the difference is not nearly as large.   Something like the Asguard or Valhalla 2 would be great choices depending on what you want out of the sound.
 I was going to reply to you post, but you edited it differently now. I never owned anything from MrSpeakers because nothing he made (I have not heard the Ether) was ever impressive or worth the price to me. I couldn't get past the fact he was using modded Fostex headphones, and nothing could convince me to want to buy them. EDIT: I should clarify more. His stuff was good, but was it worth what he was asking compared to what the unmodded items costs? No way IMO. But lets...
I wasn't trying to single you out or anything, but was stating my opinion as well. I just think there's no thing as burn in.
 I'd agree he didn't listen/test it long enough, but even if he gave it more time, the sound wouldn't change at all. I've had my HD700 since June and it sounds exactly the same as it did when I got it. In the 8 years I've been in this hoddy, there has never been one headphone that sounded different after extended use. I'm one of the people who think burn in is just hokus pokus, but to each their own.
 I guess mileage may vary, but with my ROC there was a negligible improvement. It was no better than driving the headphone out of my V200 or Phonitor Mini.
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