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Quote: Originally Posted by TheDeliveryMan The previous RS series (RS 110, RS 120, RS 130, RS 140) had three selectable transmit channels, and you could actually tune an unlimited number of headphones into the broadcasted transmission. The new RS 160, RS 170 and RS 180 use KLEER, which operates in the 2.4 gigahertz frequency spectrum, and establishes a unique pairing with the transmitter. You can link up to 4 sets of headphones to a transmitter. At...
Finally next-gen full-sized wireless cans have landed on earth.. What do you guys think about it? Would the RS180's SQ can match that of the HD595? And, does SQ of these wireless cans affected by the quality of music players? I'm very curious about this since they're wireless system. E.g. Will RS160 sounds better with Cowon S9 than with Ipod Touch?
Hello, i've been using my sennheiser cx300 for 2 years.. I love the sound quality and portability, but sadly, i reli reli hate the uncomfortable bud and the constant hissing sound produced when the cords are rubbed against my clothes..So, i decide to buy this shure.. is it a worth upgrading?
Will the Senn MX W1 sound better with Cowon S9 than that of Ipod Touch?? HELP!!
any comments? pls
does the cowon built-in amp and its sound enchancing system has impact on sennheiser m1 x1 wireless earphones when compared to that of a wired cans?? help pls
any more comments? pls
I'm going to buy one of these but i'm still undecided... Okay, here is the question.. Given that a same song is played at Apple Lossless format using Nano, FLAC using Cowon , MP3/WAV using Sony X-series, which has the best sound quality? Also given that all these players use Sennheiser HD485...Thanks!
LOLX i love sennheiser after buying their cx300 & px100. actuali the sound quality of px100 with ipod nano is gud enough for me as i ain't reli an as above recommendations, what are the top unamped headphones other than sennheiser? gv specific model name pls.thks a lot!
actually i'm planning to buy a hd485.. any comment?i will only use it with my nano.. no amp..and can anyone tell me sennheiser is famous for which aspect of headphone? and grado too
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