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I hear alot about these sleeves. What are some good ones to purchase? I love the bi-flanges, but I hear the other sleeves are better. What are some that provide an even better seal than the bi-flanges? Like, that have better isolation?
I...freaking...LOVE my SA6s. I'm 16, and my mom was shocked at that price tag. And it takes a while to find a sweet spot that you'll like, but I love baroque-type music, from Indie, to 60s, to Hip-Hop, etc. So it's just perfect. The highs, mids, lows are just perfect. Of course, coming from $15 Skullcandies, anything is better, but trust me: They are AMAZING. And the build quality seems fine to me. I just throw them in my bag at school and such. I get afraid that...
I got my SA6s!!! Woo!!! But my sound fingerprint is really weird and took a long time to find but I like it thus far. I have an iAudio X5 80GB, and I modded it with Rockbox. I swapped the bass and treble around over the last few days, and finally settled on the + bass (with the staple mod), and a + Treble, but I also set Treble to +5 db on Rockbox. I would use the ++ Treble, but it gives it this really airy sound which isn't very nice. But it sounds beautiful now!
Yeah I figured. I just didn't want to think I was losing my hearing. Haha
I got my SA6's! And to be honest, I wasn't completely WOW'd at first. Then I turned on a song that was recorded pretty squeaky clean, then it was a bit of a wow. I just need to let it burn in I suppose. Also, are they usually quieter than earbuds? I've been using some crap Skull Candies for a while and I have to turn my SA6's up a bit more.
Okay, I'm very excited and it sucks that they won't come until Tuesday or Wednesday. But I have a few questions: 1. How good are they at blocking out wind noise? I cycle everyday, and this is of the utmost importance! 2. What is a good set-up for diverse musical tastes? I mostly listen to Elliott Smith, Indie, Instrumental Rock, 60s music, and Underground Hip-Hop. For the most part, mostly music with a large soundscape and baroque musical arrangements. 3. How...
Hmm, it's not so much that I can't stretch my budget, it's just I plan on getting an iAudio X5, and I can't decide which one to spring for first . I think I'll definitely talk with the guy I'm buying it from and spring for some of those.
I'm looking for some. I'd spring for the SA6s but they're pretty expensive. I can purchse them on the UK eBay site for slightly cheaper but I'd prefer to find something a little cheaper on average that sounds just as good and are just as comfortable. Any suggestions?
One question: SA6 or Super 5s?
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