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Great seller! Item arrived in great condition. Had a problem with shipping, but excellent communication and it was straightened out quickly. Will do business with again!
The smaller battery does though doesn't it?
I found a used one on eBay for $75 (!!!), an X5L. I plan on taking out the larger batt and putting in an 80 GB hard drive. Only problem is, the user says they get 15-18 hours out of it (originally rated 35), so I figure in a few months I'd have to replace the battery. If anyone has experience soldering, is it difficult for a newbie? I've never done it before and it seems daunting, but it seems to be a relatively easy procedure. I've also heard of snipping a bit from...
I'm really interested. How long will shipping to America take? And new battery right?
I'm interested. Why don't you reply?
Anyone already bought the pack but only used one pair? I'd like to buy one, but I don't need six.
Man I could DEFINITELY use these. I cycle everywhere with these on, and definitely sweat them up. Great headphones by the way, I love them!
Are they really supposed to be that hard to take off!??! I just spent the past 15-20 minutes cutting them out with a knife. I was afraid the treble tube would break! Am I putting them on too hard? The last two I pushed all the way down, as far as the bi-flanges went. But these two I'm not taking any chances; I'm not pushing them past the perforation on the treble tube or whatever they're called, the bend-out. How am I supposed to put them on so it's easy on easy off and...
Yeah, I have the same dilemma. It's not so bad in the mornings; it's just my commute in the evening that sucks. I just turn it up a little more; I plan on testing some Complys and seeing if that helps a bit.
I use Rockbox, and just added a little bass and treble to fix up the flatness of the bass in the SA6. I do this with all my headphones though, yet with the SA6 the music sounds leagues better . I just do + Treble, + Bass tips +14 db Bass, +6 Treble. And I swear, music has never sounded prettier.
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