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EDIT: Now on eBay Cowon iAudio X5 (80 GB-Higher HD, battery capacity) - eBay (item 250544090696 end time Dec-13-09 12:48:35 PST)
As long as you have a soldering iron, doesn't take too long. I did it in about two hours, mostly because I was very afraid that I would ruin something. Which I didn't .
Yes I am. I am willing to pay for shipping from anywhere though.
I've been asking everywhere and no one seems to respond. I am looking for the pre-2009 replacement cable, the one before the redesign. I wear these over the ear so microphonics aren't an issue, and I cycle with my SA6's so cable thickness is important to me. If anyone has a pre-2009 cable that they don't need, I am willing to take it off your hands or trade for a new cable. Please PM me if you're interested! Anyone?
How does that fit the X5 30GB? Doesn't it need the extra space of the X5L? The only thing, though, is that you'll need to remove the 2nd battery to put in an 80 gig HD.
Quote: Originally Posted by actorlife Is this it? Toshiba 80 GB 1.8" IPOD LAPTOP Hard Drive MK8007GAH - eBay (item 370288847543 end time Nov-20-09 13:47:59 PST) Yes that's it. I'm putting an 80 gig X5 up for sale next week as well!
Same here. I put 80 gigs in mine! The MK8007GAH is so hard to find though.
bump. Amy takers? Include pics maybe?
This may sound odd, but I really prefer the design of the older cable that came with the 2008 SA6 models. I purchased a new cord not knowing that the design was changed. I haven't opened this, but I did open the packaging so it wouldn't quite be worth it to send it back for a refund. Is anyone willing to spare an older model cable, preferably new or lightly used, in exchanged for a sparkly new cord?
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