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Cowon iAudio X5 (80 GB-Higher HD, battery capacity) - eBay (item 250544090696 end time Dec-13-09 12:48:35 PST) Listed on eBay. Please bid there!
Let me add on to this. As I was removing the treble tube with the provided tube from my 2008 Sleeks, the treble tube broke apart in the ear. Like literally just ruptured. I had to pull the pieces out and order some more treble tips. But after that it sounded really awful in the right ear, so I sent it back to get replaced. It sucks to be a week without music, so I sent it Priority. A week later, they arrive. Guess what? Lo and behold, they arrive damaged. The treble tube...
Quote: Originally Posted by actorlife You check your spam folder? Very cool Obstinate! How many hours are you getting thus far? I got about 12:36 out of it when I ran the battery benchmark from the 90% level, so I'm guessing 14:00 in all? I just ran my main playlist in order at a normal listening level, and the songs are different formats, so that's why. If they were all the same I'd say 17-18 hours would definitely be the output.
This is the larger battery on the left, smaller on the right. In the X5L, there are two extra wires coming out of the smaller battery that connect to the larger battery by a plug. Bare X5L, no batt or HD. Batt pics: Replacement battery. I wish I took more pics of it, but a user on iAudiophile.net has a pretty extensive amount of pics of when he did the operation.
Surgery completed and a success! Battery charged. I just need to discharge it and see how long I get out of this one. I used an iPod Photo battery for this operation. Now I've got twin 80 gig iAudios . I'll post a few pictures of the surgery. Sorry I didn't do the full thing, but I have pictures of the innards.
The iAudio X5L/X5 60 GB can be modded to accomodate 80 gigs. Fantastic player!
My apologies. I'd paid for the product thinking I'd mod that one and keep as my own, but I'll sell the one I currently have on here (This'll be my 2nd one.) Apologies, I've uploaded my own pictures now.
Actorlife-I actually didn't take any pictures of my previous mod sadly. I followed the directions of a user on iaudiophile.net. I'll be getting another this week and will be doing so with the iPod Photo battery so I'll be sure to take some then. I used the Palm Tungsten E2 1050 mah battery and it can be had on eBay for about $12. When I first put it in it clocked at about 14:39, which is much better than the standard battery. And this is with a large variety of musical...
Quote: Originally Posted by immtbiker Soldering??? There's soldering involved? Oy Vay. I assumed there would be a plug jack involved. Yes, a small amount. There is no plug jack, save for the larger battery in the X5L. The way I did it, and the safest way, is to just cut the wire from the old battery, leaving the old solder points in place, crimping some insulation from both ends, and simply soldering those ends to the new battery gold points,...
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