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Just pulled one from an X5L I've been working on. Still works great. I'd say about a year old, not too used. This one you simply plug in, unlike the other one, which requires soldering. I'm selling for $10 shipped. PM if interested.
The iAudio X5 uses the ATA-6 connector. The drive you mentioned is ZIF I believe.
Okay, received it. It's in fantastic condition! Geez, if I didn't know better I would've thought it was new! Worth every penny! I'm definitely keeping this one. I'll be converting it to larger capacity, as I do with my others. Except I won't let this one out of my sight any time soon! Thanks
I have also listed this one on eBay. Cowon iAudio X5 (80 GB, 1200 mah battery!) - eBay (item 250552764727 end time Dec-28-09 04:47:00 PST)
I sold a similar one a few weeks back. I have another one with an even larger battery and same ample HD space. Works flawlessly. No functionality errors whatsoever. In great cosmetic condition, serial number is still visible. Comes with orignal box and all accessories (USB cable, subpack, charger, line-out cable, etc) and a new black zCover bonus! $315 shipped anywhere in the world. Please PM me if you're interested. I'll post pictures of it all shortly.
I purchased an iAudio X5L from him. He's extremely easy to communicate with, he is true to his word, and ships quickly. Fantastic user! Currently waiting for the X5L, but he has sent me pictures and it is in pristine condition . Thanks!
This won't go in the iAudio X5 60 GB. Different connector.
Hello, I record a podcast at school just for fun mostly. I have the iAudio X5, which has fantastic SQ for recording, but I'd like something even better that records the voice in stereo and sounds a bit more professional, like records acoustic guitar and voice pretty well. Is there anything out there for $20-30?
I replaced one battery, and got rid of the bigger one. I haven't been using it as much as I'd like lately, but I think you can't go wrong with either one. I want to do another benchmark to make 100% sure that this is 1200 mah to see the timing, but thus far both have been doing pretty well. I think I'd stick with the 1200 mah battery ,unless you can't stand anything iPod related. I'd recommend putting in the larger hard drive if you have a large collection, unless you...
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