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Just trying to see what the market is like for this. This one's like new, modded for 80 gigs, 1200 mah battery. Been in zCover since day one. PM me with offers. Will post pictures shortly.
20 or 30 GB is fine. Please give me your offer. Preferably something in good/great condition. Name your offer.
Great deal. PM me with pics and more about description!
$110 US?
I am referring to the new 2009 edition cords. Those feel flimsy.
The cord feels flimsy in my opinion.
Any more of these? Mine already went out
I'm really sick of the SA6. They have great sound quality, but I've had this cord for only about two months and it has already gone out!
That's great to hear! If anyone is in need of a larger X5L batt, please PM me. I just pulled one from another X5L unit. It still holds a very good charge, and should last you a few months, if not years. I'm selling it for cheap, as I'd just like to get rid of it.
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