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Hi, I'm choosing between the three mentioned in the title, the SE535, Westone UM3X, or Westone 4R. They seem to be what I'm looking for, something that'll really bring out the detail in music, namely baroque pop/indie rock/classical/jazz/etc.    So, what do you think is best for me? I generally have long commutes and would like a good everyday IEM to take on the go.    Thanks! 
So, is this worth the upgrade from UM3X to these? Might buy these :) 
Hi, I've been doing my research and these seem to come out on top in a lot of reviews. Between these two, which should I go for?    Thanks.
Hi, I just got my paycheck (yay!) and am on the market for some new IEMs, since my SA6s just aren't cutting it anymore. I listen to a lot of baroque pop (think Belle & Sebastian, Beach Boys, Beatles, etc.) and a fair amount of classical, along with hip-hop on occasion. So I'd prefer something that really brings orchestras to life! I've been looking at the Westone 2/3's and the ER-4S. Do you think these would suit my needs? Or have any other recommendations? I'd also be...
Hello, I am wondering if Sleek Audio stops doing replacement cables free of charge after two years? Mine just gave up, and I bought my original ones in August '08. :( 
I overestimated the price of these. Price drop!
Bump! Taking any offers!
I purchased this drive, not knowing that it doesn't work in the iAudio X5. Took off some of the foam padding, but I will include in the shipping and the enclosures. Basically new, only tested to see if it'd work once. Spins up, just incompatible. These drives are really hard to find, so I think a fair price would be $75 plus shipping. Am very flexible on that price, however. Please PM me if you have any offers!   Should've noticed the iPod logo :(. I'd like to get...
65 USD?
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