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Brand new PortaPros for 1 €! They were offered w/ an unlucky Sansa e240 though, which I had to return after "memory loss"; then the replacement's OS got jammed and it was returned, too. So, in the end, 1€ total.
I didn't come to think of the equal loudness curve, good point there. Still I'd like to point out that the frequency reproduction of a headphone is constant independent of the volume it's playing at, while the ears' sensitivity to different frequencies is variable at different volumes, as the Fletcher-Munson curve shows. Thus, the headphone itself isn't capable of correcting the level of the music signal according to the equal loudness curve, but this must be done with...
Quote: Originally Posted by PiccoloNamek - - raw data from the DT880, - - from the HD650. Notice that they both have a peak in the upper midrange, just like the K701, and at the same amplitude as well. Not only do they have a peak in the upper midrange, but the high frequencies in general are greatly uneven and exaggerated. And the same thing will happen with any headphone you could think to test. I must say the information you provided was indeed...
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