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While you're talking those dollars, you might want to consider the HDVA600 with a better, separate DAC instead. The general consensus seems to be (Jude included) that the amp is GREAT for the HD800 but the DAC leaves something to be desired, certainly for the price. I haven't experienced any of that stuff firsthand, but I'm actually looking for almost that exact setup.
BTW wasn't trying to be a jerk about it... Just threw me off at the beginning of the review haha 
Jury is still out on whether Beats are the best headphones? Immediately discredited
 Thanks, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Sorry for back to back posts, but has anyone in here compared the Asgard 2 to the Vahalla or Lyr? I'm looking at those 3 and the BH Crack and can't make up my mind...
Ah, loop out. Wish my Emotiva had that. I suppose a pair of y connectors aren't doing much different.
How did you also run the signal to your sub? Just a splitter?
 Haha yeah. I suppose they would probably sell it in their ALAC format. Does that work in more than their own stuff? (I only have Mac stuff so I'm not aware of outside limitations)
MacRumors just posted this article:   High Definition iTunes Music Downloads May Be on the Horizon   Thoughts? I can't say I really want 192/24, but having the option of CD quality would be great.
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