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Oh no doubt hearing a difference. I ONLY listen to lossless files. But I don't hear a difference between 44.1/16 and 192/24, and I doubt you would either. Nasty lossy MP3s are a very different story.
 I wouldn't worry about it. From what I understand about this stuff (which isn't much), optical is more likely to have jitter issues, USB is more likely to have noise issues. But Schiit has done a great job with their DACs and I don't think you'll have any issues.  The only known downside I've discovered with optical/Mac is that Mac can't output 192/24 via toslink. I don't submit to the "HD" stuff so its not an issue for me (I run my output at 44.1/16). May or may not be...
@cCasper TFG directed me to Techflex multifilament. It's super durable, looks nice and comes in a variety of diameters to fit you needs.
Does anyone know if a standard heat gun will melt Techflex? (I don't want it to, obviously) Edit: Nevermind, I found that they spec the melting point at 482°F
 Ok, sounds good. Thanks!
Hey fellas, need to verify my plan here:   I'm building a new balanced cable for my HD650s, to be terminated in a 4 pin XLR. Eventually I'll be buying a balanced amp and want to be ready for that. For the time being, however, I only have a single-ended amp and need to build an adapter as well (female 4 pin XLR to TRS).    Basically, I'm 99% sure this is correct, but I'm going to use Mogami W2534 quad-conductor cable, but I'm not sure what to do with its shield. The TRS...
Wow, beautiful setup! Love the clean look. BTW how are the Emotiva monitors?
 I actually really like seeing the red and blue! That looks great!
 Hilarious! I only mentioned that because it's commonly brought up as an "issue" (real or not) when comparing wire gauge for audio. Like I said, I'm suggesting he use smaller gauge wire for practical purposes. 
 There are a few technical reasons, potentially causing the "skin effect," but I don't recommend speaker wire more from a practical standpoint. Have fun wiring 4 leads of that speaker wire into a 3.5mm plug...  I would recommend a high quality mic wire, with more reasonably gauged solid-core wire. 
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