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One thing Schiit's site says is that the Gungnir has "60% higher voltage rails" than the Bifrost, but (1) is that negated by the über upgrade and (2) would that make a huge difference? These are honest questions, I'm not claiming to know anything...   That being said, I agree with @ab initio. That dude knows his stuff about DACs. Furthermore, I have the Gungnir and the Modi, and while I love the Gungnir and have no regrets buying it, the difference between it and the...
Very true, but my point was that, despite him only being interested in it as a headphone amp, it's very much worth checking out
 Probably really depends on the headphones you're using. Do they need more power than the Mjolnir can provide? I'm sure the sound signature will be pretty different, too. 
 FWIW, I was in that debate as well, but decided to go with the Gungnir. It's not that much more than the Uberfrost, in the grand scheme of things, and it preps me for a balanced amp in the future (a la Ragnarok). I haven't heard the Uberfrost but the Gungnir is—by far—the best DAC I've ever heard.  Just thought you might like a little nudge  
Oh no doubt hearing a difference. I ONLY listen to lossless files. But I don't hear a difference between 44.1/16 and 192/24, and I doubt you would either. Nasty lossy MP3s are a very different story.
 I wouldn't worry about it. From what I understand about this stuff (which isn't much), optical is more likely to have jitter issues, USB is more likely to have noise issues. But Schiit has done a great job with their DACs and I don't think you'll have any issues.  The only known downside I've discovered with optical/Mac is that Mac can't output 192/24 via toslink. I don't submit to the "HD" stuff so its not an issue for me (I run my output at 44.1/16). May or may not be...
@cCasper TFG directed me to Techflex multifilament. It's super durable, looks nice and comes in a variety of diameters to fit you needs.
Does anyone know if a standard heat gun will melt Techflex? (I don't want it to, obviously) Edit: Nevermind, I found that they spec the melting point at 482°F
 Ok, sounds good. Thanks!
Hey fellas, need to verify my plan here:   I'm building a new balanced cable for my HD650s, to be terminated in a 4 pin XLR. Eventually I'll be buying a balanced amp and want to be ready for that. For the time being, however, I only have a single-ended amp and need to build an adapter as well (female 4 pin XLR to TRS).    Basically, I'm 99% sure this is correct, but I'm going to use Mogami W2534 quad-conductor cable, but I'm not sure what to do with its shield. The TRS...
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