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That "Antelope Zodiac" is sexy!    
Will do, I have asked my AT agent and awaiting his feedback. It's a good case, I now have 3, one for the AT, one for my Darth Beyer and another for my Fischer.     
Sorry looked but cold not find a product code? I will ask.     
Thanks for the heads up, do you have the link for where you purchased the pads from?     
Thanks, will contact them.    
I have been looking for the same answers but haven't found any. Would be nice to know because looking at some of the rankings, they don't make much sense?      
There is no English on the website? Is there an email address I can make an enquiry?      
 Hi, that's where I found the info on the cost, but need to drop by at Kingsound to listen to them. Don't know what time they close?
 They cost about US125.00.
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