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Wow just can't wait to listen to this after reading Jude's latest impressions. It's really gonna be a war for high end headphone this year, HE-1000, LCD-Z and new Sennheiser flagship (informed that it will be better than Orpheus).
Hello, I have one Sony MDR-R10 Bass heavy version but one of the driver was gone long ago even though its appearance still look very new. So I need one pair of driver to install into my beloved headphone. Please PM me if you have spare drivers of this legend headphone. Doesn't matter bass light or bass heavy version. Thanks
 When I first paired Abyss with LAu, I did feel that my cables, XLR interconnect, digital cable (AES) and AC power cord for LAu limited this system even though each cable costs around $1,000. That's not really good because I had to invest all new cables and now I'm broke :(      Aluminata is reference cable series from JPS Labs and doesn't come standard with the Abyss. You can look for more information here, http://www.jpslabs.com/aluminata.shtml.  But you know that LAu...
Pairing LAu with Abyss and cabled by JPS Aluminata (AC, XLR,AES) making headphone come closest to speaker I've ever tried before.
There maybe some from those DIY's but I'm not that familiar with them. Actually I've been waiting for fully balance desktop DAC/Amp for the good price as well as sound quality for a long time so this make me feel quite excited especially this is from known company.
This device is interesting. I've never seen integrated DAC and fully balanced headphone amplifier before.
    I don't think they both are worth the asking prices as well as LCD3. I still like Sony R10 (bass heavy) the most. But if you are looking for the best headphone that is currently available in the market with no limited budget, I think they are just only two options now. They are the beasts from two species. You can borrow my Abyss to compare with others this weekend if you want to. I'm appreciated to let you listen to it and share to people.     FYI, I'm STAX...
  FYI, The owner had Stax SRM-007tII and compared to Leben CS600 using converter for few days. He said "it's like day and night". Leben CS600 is much much better than SRM-007tII in every aspect. Don't forget that LS600 is 3 times more expensive than SRM-007tII.
Again, my friend borrowed my Abyss to compare to his headphone collection. He affirmed my opinion that other dynamic/planar headphones are in different league, can't compare to quality of Abyss and SR-009 at all even they were upgraded to very expensive cables . The sources are AURALiC VEGA DAC and Ayre QB9 DSD. He used Leben CS600 as amplifier for electrostatic headphone via electrostatic converter and using adapter for dynamic headphone to connect Abyss to...
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