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Am I missing something here? They have a black plastic body with a read stripe around them. Not exactly revolutionary in appearance.I'm a little surprised that as a clone of the Fischer Audio DBA-02 their MSRP is $10 higher.
MSRP $169.50 Preorder price: $139.50   + $20 coupon code in emails being sent to mp4nation members, + $10 to prior customers.   Do these have gigantic rear vents, unlike the Fischers, or is this just a bad PhotoShop job?      
It depends on the DAP I'm using. With my Sansa Fuze v2, with its jack on the bottom, I greatly prefer an I-plug so that it easily slips into a pocket without snagging or placing strain on the jack and plug.  For my Clip+ with its jack on the side, an L-plug is essential.  I can't stand 45° plugs and have yet to understand what they're intended to accomplish.
Joke, enjoy your reviews.  Thanks.   Could you be persuaded to include the review date for each?  It would help a lot to put things into perspective, as it seems that IEMs continue to improve at the various price tiers.  Also, it can be tough for the reader knowing that some the earphones have gone through several distinct generations and sometimes all there is to go on is the photo posted.
How about the Sony hybrids - are they more comfortable than some stock silicon tips?  If so, what makes them so?   What are some other tips I might try?
I'm new to IEMs, but recently picked up a pair of ME Electonics M11+ to use with a Sansa Fuze player. I can get a good seal with either the small or medium sized single flange tips. The bi-flanges work almost as well. I wear the cable over my ear with all of them.   But I don't find any of them very comfortable. The smalls are probably best, but the M11s practically disappear inside my head when using them. The mediums don't go in as far but it feels like there's a...
You're saying the M11+ isn't even a good value for a $25 IEM?   That should be a warning to manufacturers not to deeply discount their products.
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