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Sometimes, with gaming, the recorded audio is not great. Battlefield Bad Company 2 pushes its re-design of the audio architecture. If you can, try playing that! Also, amps usually seem to help the cause- I'm using a porto amp right now.
Like Adda said, Velcro bindings or Twist ties found on bread bags... Sometimes I even throw them over my shoulder if I'm moving. My Denon AH-D2000's have an extremely annoying cable...
Amps most always help! =]
To me, Steve Jobs comes across as a man who is satisfied with the simplist things. Seemingly, his iPods, macs, and iphones are meant to display simplicity and functionality. Simple and functional- makes me believe his audio gear is minimal at best. May have a pair of Denon AH-D2000 and stops there. Any thoughts? As for the minimal bickering that constantly seems to happen to ponderous threads- there is no use telling someone their question is unintelligent,...
I'd love to go and meet some new people. Location, Times?
Well, All I see here are posts with a bunch of negative attacks. I do, however, admit that I am one of the poster(s) and that my semi-personal attack against Userlander was not-needed and unnecessary. Userlander, my apologies, but this thread was supposed to be about more than the HF-2 Limited Edition TTVJ special. This thread was supposed to be about how there are some opressive members on this site & how we all can be that way at times. I feel there is SOME moderation...
I voted Debit/ATM card because that comes out of your account instantly and (for me) shows up on the online banking reports the instant the transfer is made. This way you don't spend money you don;t have and don;t need to worry about paying interest on Credit Cards. Hope this helps! Spencer D.
Quote: Originally Posted by userlander I say TTVJ should extend the production run, or take pre-orders for a second run on a time-limited date basis, like a week or end of month, etc. That would ensure that almost anyone who wanted one at this time could get one, would increase profits both to TTVJ and head-fi, and would be about the best PR a company could ever have. It would completely wipe away the entire incident and any bad taste anyone had left in...
Bought some Denon AH-D2000s from Hifidk- paid on Thursday, shipped Friday, got them Monday. Great packaging and was in better-than-described condition. Fantastic Seller. A++
May I redirect your thoughts Bob? http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f11/re...uch-bs-435187/
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