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Im not too sure about the super fi but using the triple fi, theres quite a bit of microphonics. I imagine that it'll worse if you're using it for jogging..
Can someone pm me sam's email as well? Might consider reshelling my triple fis since response has been so good. Thanks
Would be great if someone gets the jh13 real soon and post up their impressions.
They're normally used to burn in headphones. Just leave them playing overnight or something.
They look great! Can't wait to hear your impressions as well!!
Sony s639 and ipod 5g
Great review, makes me wanna buy em right away.
Agreed, i would fancy a clear one.
Damn, i just got my um2s. Hate to spend another $399 on these.. But they look so cool and i'm sure they sound awesome...
Or if you really liked the um2s, you could wait for the westone 3s. They should be released soon..
New Posts  All Forums: