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I have been a happy owner of a pair of Audioengine A2's for almost 4 years, but they recently died and I need a new pair of speakers.   I'm not really sure what I want, and a set of passive speakers with an amp are not out of the question at all, but a small package similar to the A2's do appeal to me a lot, as I'm limited in space.   My budget is about £300, and I really like what I read about the Ruark MR1, but the Audioengine A5+ do seem like a good alternative...
It has been a looong time since I have been on here, but I found a Sony X1060 for $194 shipped in almost new condition.   Is there anything none-apple with a touch screen out there these days, that can compare to an Sony X-Series?
Im looking for a HD5 but they are hard to find. If i stumble upon one what is a fair price for one in ok condition?          
Any new thoughts? :)
I have a few questions regarding the 6G faceplate -> 5/5.5G iPod mod I have a CF moddet and rockboxed 30GB 5.5G iPod i want to keep going. The faceplate is pretty roughed up and i was looking around to replace it when i came a cross a 6G faceplate -> 5/5.5G iPod mod. If i got it right there are two ways to do it. 1. Get a 6G faceplate and modify it and the 5/5.5G frame (with a dremel).to get the two parts to fit togehter. or 2. Get a 6G faceplate AND 6G frame...
I don't get why you have to bash Rockbox? If you don't like it don't use it. You clearly have made up your mind about it anyways so i don't see what you are trying to gain by this...
This is great! Thanks for the quick reviews, I'm struggling NOT to give them a go myself.   One of the major things I'm looking for are headphones that can realy take a beating, I have a tendency to rough my "on the go" gear up pretty good. How is your impression of the resistance to some brute force? :P
Ahh can't wait for some of you to make some comparisons!!!
Has to be my CF card, i use this old build now (iFlash and Rockbox…. » Tarkan Akdam’s BORED), and it works.
I ahe tjecked all ribbons and yes it is FAT32.
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