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 What amplifier do you recommend?
Where buy a speaker cable for the HE-6 with the included resistors?
 And with the Taurus ¿what you prefer? HD800, LCD-X, LCD-3F or HE-6?
How work the Taurus mk2 with the HE-6?   Is enough amp to drive correctly these headphones?
Is the Drug2 the Best possible cable for the HD800 headphones?
Thank you. And the bass will be better with the silver compared to stock copper?
Hi,   i have a LCD 2.2 with its stock cable.I want change it but i don't know.   Silver o copper? Who is better in this case? No less bass but much better highs and details.
Who is better? KGSHV or 717?
Hi,   Now i have a amplified by Leben CS300XS speaker amplifier + Woo Audio WEE energeizer. I'm very satisfied. But i would like to listen them in its maximum power.   What are best amplifiers for this headphone? That benefit it.   PD: The BHSE or WES are too expensive . Like a Stax T1, T2, 717, 727, KGSHV, GES, LL, ....
  Hi Skylab,   I thought that the better combination to CS300 for you were the LCD-3. Do you say that the W3000ANV are better combination  than LCD-3 to CS300?
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