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Who is better? KGSHV or 717?
Hi,   Now i have a amplified by Leben CS300XS speaker amplifier + Woo Audio WEE energeizer. I'm very satisfied. But i would like to listen them in its maximum power.   What are best amplifiers for this headphone? That benefit it.   PD: The BHSE or WES are too expensive . Like a Stax T1, T2, 717, 727, KGSHV, GES, LL, ....
  Hi Skylab,   I thought that the better combination to CS300 for you were the LCD-3. Do you say that the W3000ANV are better combination  than LCD-3 to CS300?
Then, Is worth the SZ3 compared with 507?
I understand you that the SZ3 are substancial upgrade from the 507. But what?
Is worth to buy a Stax STAX SR-007 SZ3 ? o better Stax 507?  
More impresions of fuse upgrade?
I'm a Leben CS300XS's owner with HD800 headphones. I have to try the fuse too. I have some questions: 1 - What amplifiers you know  are in the same level than Leben? 2 - Are the HD800 the best headphones to the Leben? or Audeze LCD-2 are better?
Is the Leben CS300XS one of best amplifier to drive the HE-6?
I search a DAC to replace my PS Audio Digital Link III Cullen Circuits Stage IV. I don't need to replace it if the new dac isn't much better.
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