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HI,   Quick sale! Three pairs of open cans? Doesn't go ahead. Need a pair of closed ones. Already ordered a pair of one, this open classic needs to get off in order to find a pair of new delicate ears.   Clear signs of use, however, nothing serious, headbad has lost some color as shown on pictures. Pads have not been worn-out they are in good condition, in no need of replacement. Sale should be quick but have really narrow limits to negotiate further. Certainly,...
Selling this wonderful amp because I have too many amps for Beyerdynamic T1, and at the same time listening to Audeze LCD2 so reducing equipment should follow. Many tubes incl shown included, well regarded Tungsol 5998, too. Price fixed, original embalage too, will be shipped meticulously for certain. I need to push for buyer to pay shipping fee otherwise I loose.   Thanks for looking
PM sent. Thanks
Hi, I have one great amp to sell. No need for further explanations, it was bought at first here (http://www.head-fi.org/t/745925/fs-auralic-taurus-mk1 ) by a fellow member and than by me. Not seen so much light though. Maybe 100 hours in my possession, not more. State is nearly mint couple of unnoticeable small scratches on the upper surface without need mentioning. All time kept in a plastic foil and original box. Can't deliver original photos of mine now, maybe ina...
F/S is offered new Schiit Gungnir Multibit, used presumably for demo/testing purposes. Still in original box with all accessories, as well as documents concerning custom's duties. Rarity in EU, this fine DAC can be shipped from either Slovenia or Sweden regarding buyer's preferences. Shipping is payed by buyer as well as PayPal fee. Original pics shown.
To these ears Mojo gives slightly better sound tonality and stage. Bass is a liiitle bit stronger too. It's just a slight difference in comparison to iFi iDSD micro.
Me too, doing the same. Althought with added Audeze's LCD2 and AKG Q701 which both, btw sound excellent. What are you using for connection from Mojo to iTube? Me, personally, optical input (VdH Optocoupler), audioquest 3,5mm - RCA adapter and XLO - iTube - DiMarzio to iCan. I hear the difference, clearly... However, some recordings sound the same or even better directly from Mojo.
Yupp. I agree. Even the previous version blasts out T1's without problems. Soon to compare with Mojo, whatsoever.
Bump and small price drop.
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