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Thanks Androb! Hegel was very nice from the start. I think it's advantage lies more in a speaker setup, which I haven't tried yet.Oh, but I will. ;-)Thanks for comments.
Here is one temporary setup: Hegel DAC20 (with nano iDSD as a USB/SPDIF) and double outputs from both DACs into Matrix M-Stage HPA-2 and AKG Q701. Wonderful sound in between relocation apartments. Sound of AKG701 rediscovered. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
B&W p5!!! Tremendous ip5-6 synergy. Moreover, they sound worse when amped! I have them as my 6th or 7th pair of phones exclusively for tube/train traveling and they isolate pretty damn well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Dear Very very very interested. Are you considering possible trades? I have the Chord Chordette Ex ( please look at my ads ). Kind regards Viktor It's also fine for the money, but if it's possible to trade with Chord I may give you considerable discount.
Hi friends, I thrive to appropriately amp Q701 cans, lately. I was recently blown away by how well these cans were amped by iDSD micro. Enormously powerful and clean sound with very detailed portraying, yet just a little bit (very small bit) of plasticky feel. I thought it can even be better, although I didn't believe when I first connected it with this wonderful machine. I think iCan can do better, so anybody tried this combo yet? Especially with regard of comparing one...
Hi head-fi fellas! Up for quick sale for very competitive and end-price, including PayPal fee from my side are these wonderful cans, used (not longer than 200h, though) selling without box (or maybe I can trace one.. who knows). I have not used these, just test them so 1st owner. Really a bargain. So selling like they are. Interested, please no ask about warranty, usage and other blah blah... They are like practically new. No price negotiations, either... I listen to...
Opened, never-used dual headed cable.NEW!
F/S is this cool portable stuff, bought from the official representative here in Sweden 3 months ago. Not traveling a lot any more, so seems like a redundant.  Box, warranty and other accessories inside. I can throw in Wireworld violet USB cable. I have also iPSU which is non-functional and needs repair (probably something insignificant) that I can ship with DAC, if interested.
The time came for this one to let go. One of the Audeze's best matches (at least for LCD2.2), hybrid amplifier from Greece, which I bought immediately after I have tested it - back then it replaced Mjolnir, by sounding so more organic and less harsh in treble. Tested here: http://www.monoandstereo.com/2013/11/lab12-hpa-preamplifier-usb-dac-and.html . It goes for the same particular unit, that was tested on this occasion, passed to me by one dear friend. Recently...
For sale is this very handsome DAC, upgraded by new external dedicated PSU. SQ is therefore exquisite.  There is, also, a receipt from HiFi diPrinzio (Italy) where the unit has being bought.  The Chord will be shipped in original box. PSU is 3 months old and can be accompanied by electronic receipt from MCRUs.
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