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F/S one year-old wonderful headphone amplifier in mint condition, used for about 300-400h.  Switching from LCD-2 to HE-6 so, I want some valves to play with, this is the only reason for selling. I wasn't capable of finding better amp for Audeze phones and I tried dozens. Eventual combo-sale with (showed in pics) Schiit Gungnir is also negotiable. Mjolnir is bought new, from website. It comes with all accessories (box, cable I only don't know about the...
Yupp. Updated length info.   Sorry
F/S are these wonderfull interconnects. They are terminated just like shown on the pictures: Very lightly used, they simply have not managed to fit good in my system with Primare amplifier. 1,6m length nasty cables with particularly good termination. Card and bag are supplied!   Thanks for looking   Viktor
Come on, guys.  For many of you, who questioned: LCD-2 Rev. 1.  Just look at the other price tags for these. And I am offering much more. Drop down price.
F/S are these cables, not opened yet . These are copper cables (I think so). Silver badged (added 20 pounds when ordered), ViaBlue classical 6,3 mm termination. The length of cable is 2,6 m (including connectors). Very hard to get these days. I waited for them for a very, very long time.  I also have Toxic cable modded Sennheiser HD650 and these are stunning, price-wise. Asking xx,- Eur, definite price.
F/S LCD-2 in excellent condition, rarely listened last year because of my little baby :-).  They are coming in a wooden-like box (optional, could be not for sending because it's heavy hence the price would gonna be higher for shipping), oil for wood, Mogami classical cable and original XLR 4-pin cable. I will throw Van den Hul D-502 Hybrid XLR for LCD2 for the additional 40 Eur. Don't miss a chance for this almost stupidly low price for this diamond. The best cans I...
Yes, everything comes with it. But, other than box, it's not that much (includes charger and batteries). I can throw iPod connector if plan to use with iPod or similar.
F/S is mint condition Eximus DAC, a stellar performer money-wise, from EU location, 230V v. Quite a lot can be found about it on the head-fi, as well as from other digital audio-based web places. Asking 1350 Eur, buyer pays shipping. Will be shipped very securely, original box covered in another one, sturdier. All the accessories supplied, including the media cable.  I would prefer money bank transfer from European countries, although negotiable through PayPal,...
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