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To these ears Mojo gives slightly better sound tonality and stage. Bass is a liiitle bit stronger too. It's just a slight difference in comparison to iFi iDSD micro.
Me too, doing the same. Althought with added Audeze's LCD2 and AKG Q701 which both, btw sound excellent. What are you using for connection from Mojo to iTube? Me, personally, optical input (VdH Optocoupler), audioquest 3,5mm - RCA adapter and XLO - iTube - DiMarzio to iCan. I hear the difference, clearly... However, some recordings sound the same or even better directly from Mojo.
Yupp. I agree. Even the previous version blasts out T1's without problems. Soon to compare with Mojo, whatsoever.
Bump and small price drop.
This unit in mint condition is now up for sale.Very rarely used, CLAS comes to you with all the accessories incl. Whiplash mini cable for USB to iDevice, rings and charge.Now since I started testing it again for selling purposes I have realized how underused this unit was during the time I owned it (as a 2nd owner). Sounds fantastic, much better than FiiO3 mk2 direct to headamp (ex. iFi iCan or Headamp AE2). Really a mind-blowing experience. Battery holds as from the...
Hi. About 50 - 60 hours used iPod in mint condition is looking for a new user who would turn it into a more useful source.  Basically, unboxed, tried, coupled with CypherLabs CLAS (with ALO cables, also for sale) and left wanting for more use. Bargain. PayPal fee and transport on the side of buyer.
Hi!   Up for sale is this awesome Aune's product. Praised by many, either users or critics. Here's the one recension:  http://www.hi-fiworld.co.uk/index.php/internet-audio/483-aune-s1-media-player.html and one thread more http://rockgrotto.proboards.com/thread/7600   Served here for price shown above.   Thanks for looking the ad. Pictures follow.   PP fee & shipping to the buyer.
Selling this unit in absolutely mint condition. As new. Used for about 300-400 hours. Just burned-in. Matrix was bought new in February-March 2015 from Audiophonics.fr (with warranty), as an amp for AKG Q701. Now have Beyerdynamic T1 and has to go.   Please, price is final. Add shipping from Stockholm, Sweden. I will absorb PayPal fee.   Thnks for watching
Fine looking system. Respectful stack of Teac half width components. I recommend adding one of AH 500 amps ( especially "i" variants) which you canfind driving your headphones better than anything else in this awesome setup. Try this. I'm planning to do this with my Beyerdynamic T1. However, good as it can be.
Bravo!!What's your impression in comparison to stock cables?Is it little dot that you're running your LCDs from?
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