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F/S mentioned amplifier, assembled in Sweden, with maximum 150 hours of usage. PayPal fee and shipping not included.
F/SMapple tree Audio design HD+.Absolute Grado cans - match, selling this rare EU bird only because I am relocating.Flawlessly working, minor cosmetic damage on edges.Woodsided panels.
F/S Little Dot IV SE. No box. Some spare NOS tubes (Mullard and others), signal valves. Additional pics will follow!
F/S Violectric V-200 amplifier in great (as new) condition without box. I would never sell it but I am relocating, hence the need for quick sale. Trades are not acceptable for this one.
F/S Darkvoice amplifier in great condition with lots of spare NOS tubes (mainly signal tubes). I would never sell it but I am relocating, hence the need for quick sale. Trades for smaller stuff are acceptable, but I have tones of it, so it should have to be very interesting. Great for Beyers, Senn, AKG, Hifiman (not HE6) and many more cans.
- SOLD - Traveling
F/S one year-old wonderful headphone amplifier in mint condition, used for about 300-400h.  Switching from LCD-2 to HE-6 so, I want some valves to play with, this is the only reason for selling. I wasn't capable of finding better amp for Audeze phones and I tried dozens. Eventual combo-sale with (showed in pics) Schiit Gungnir is also negotiable. Mjolnir is bought new, from website. It comes with all accessories (box, cable I only don't know about the...
Yupp. Updated length info.   Sorry
F/S are these wonderfull interconnects. They are terminated just like shown on the pictures: Very lightly used, they simply have not managed to fit good in my system with Primare amplifier. 1,6m length nasty cables with particularly good termination. Card and bag are supplied!   Thanks for looking   Viktor
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