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Seems like everyone here is from a pretty good background.   Got in to head-fi when i was a kid and when from the cheap-o sony earbuds to my first grado sr-60 from the money I made selling chocolates door-to-door.   Am currently a IT business analyst at a major bank.
JAG87 i'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but how will parking work out for those who drive?
hahaha "sorry for your wallet"
I think they compliment each other very well. I've had my HE-500s for some time so that's why they don't see much use. I am definitely NOT going to sell them. The HE-500s do everything very well...everything is VERY balanced while on the other hand the HD700s come off as a more 'fun' headphone.  Both are very good but I would give the HD700s a slightly better edge especially with the Bifrost uber upgrade I just installed today.
Not as impressive as some of the other set ups i've seen but here's mine.
I have both HD700 and HE500. HE500s have been collecting dust for a while.
Just installed the upgrade myself..     Best $100 i've spent on audio so far.
dude are you serious? Can you shed a bit more light about your setup. Table? stand? lights underneath the table?
I had the same question as you but after finding this I just decided to pick one up without the installation. Hope this helps.
B Stock Bifrost and Lyr. Send an email to Jason from Schiit to see if you can get a deal on some B-stock equipment.    I got both my Bifrost and Lyr B stock from Jason a few years ago and the 5 year warranty still applies.
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