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Had triple fi and monster copper pro turbine (or something like that)...then i switched over to the 1964 v3 ciem...     Safe to say i'm never going back to universals and have a JH16 freqphase coming in and maybe planning on upgrading them to Roxannes via unique melody =D
HM650 =D  
Played with device today on my way to work...seems pretty straight forward.   My only gripe is that there's no USB cable =/ Had to transfer songs in to my SD card via my camera.   Other than that....night and day difference between this and my Cowon S9.
Just got my unit.   Would be cool if the instructions were in english as well -__-"   Will provide impressions shortly.
I don't suppose anyone would have an opinion on how the AK100 ii or AK120ii stacks up against the Hifiman HM650?
 Just the standard card
Caved in and ordered the HM650.   Will provide impressions once I get them =).   Will compare against my Cowon S9 and Schiit stack (uberfrost, lyr) using HD700s, DT990 600ohm, and 1964 v3 ciem.
 Thank you for the compare... I've been trying to decide which one to pick as well...
Tried to run a search for the QLS QA360 but couldn't find much on this thread....   Anyone have any input on the QLS vs others in this thread?
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