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 Agreed they sound absolutely wonderful =D. Was hoping to find another set as a spare just in case anything should happen to the Chatham 2399's.
 RCA Radiotron and JAN 6080.  So far my favourite combination has been the RCA Radiotron and Chatham 2399. Also have the Mullard's i've yet to try...saving the best for last =)Very much new to tube rolling but enjoying every bit of it!  Any suggestions on where i might find a pair of Tung Sol 5998 ?
Am now the owner of Sonic Defender's La Figaro 339 =D   Very happy with how it pairs with my HD800's.  
bump price drop to 100
Thanks for confirming....will try reloading the files.
Is anyone able to play .wma files? When i try to play wma files it just skips to the next song.   I see that the question has been asked earlier but don't see any response so hoping someone might have know about this before i contact OPUS.
 Welcome to Head-Fi. Sorry about your wallet!
Opus DAP has been compared to the AK240 and Sony WM1Z which are both well over $2500 range. I have not heard either the AK240 or Sony WM1Z but i think if the OPUS is on par or potentially better i think that definitely means something. I own the OPUS DAP and i think it fits all your requirements...especially staging, love a large soundstage.
lol yes...if you check the ALO website for the Green Line USB cable it's $149.  Looks like any USB cable but might be worth something should i choose to sell it haha.
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