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Damnit head-fi my wallet is dying.   From what I gather, this is better than the dx90....may actually buy this by end of day today.
Was going to pull a trigger on the DX-90 but this looks promising.   I don't suppose anyone would have any idea on a release date for North America?
To everyone who pmed me thank you for your interest. Unfortunately I was unable to respond back to all the messages.   Item has been sold and shipped.   Thank you for your interest =)
For sale are my Hifiman HE-500   I've had them for quite some time and they were picked up from another head-fi member. As I do currently only use the HD700s, these have been collecting dust so i figure i might as well let them go.   Comes with ridiculously long stock cable, an extra ear pad, and the big box.   Some things to note: - i've wrapped the headband with the beyerdynamic headband for additional comfort - there's a very tiny nick in the leather because I...
As title states, looking for a IBASSO DX100 in good condition.   Please pm me any offers.
Also been out of the loop here.   Currently have a Cowon S9 that i've been using but the forward button doesn't work.    Currently using it with 1964 ears V3 ciems. Any recommendations that won't utterly destroy my wallet and give me an improvement over my S9?
Seems like everyone here is from a pretty good background.   Got in to head-fi when i was a kid and when from the cheap-o sony earbuds to my first grado sr-60 from the money I made selling chocolates door-to-door.   Am currently a IT business analyst at a major bank.
JAG87 i'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but how will parking work out for those who drive?
hahaha "sorry for your wallet"
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