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Am curious if i will see an improvement using the Mojo...maybe one day someone will have this combination and can comment on it =D
Out of curiosity...can the mojo be used together with the Opus #1?   Has anyone tried this combo? I see mojo on massdrop right now and kind of tempted.
have any recommendations on settings? Are you referring to the equalizer as well?
What link are you using?   Still works for me.   http://www.audio-opus.com/pages/firmware-update/?uid=81&mod=document
Just got mine today and initial thoughts are sound stage is massive, very clear, and pretty much a step up in all aspects from my HM650.
Thanks for the great review. Your review was the deciding factor on whether i should jump on the massdrop or not lol.   Also have the HM650 and the UI is an absolute nightmare. Have high hopes for the Opus #1.
From what i gather...this dude is somewhere on par with LPG and in the same area as the AK240.   Jumped on the massdrop as well =D. Hope it does better than my HM650.
price drop from 250-->200
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