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Yeah I need to stop.
Just think it only took 2 minutes to sucker  
@bobeau   Okay its been 1 week.   You should have close to 150hrs on it by now...any change?   Is it a keeper or might you be putting it up for sale in the near future??   Just to make it simple you can rate it on a scale of 0-10, of course 10 being the best ever.    
  Okay great!   By then I should have received my Mica caps and Japanese PCM56P-K chips have them in place.    I also have a balanced power supply coming next week, so we shall see what difference balanced power makes vs. unbalanced power.   I also have some of those Russian 6N3P tubes coming.  Right now I like my Raytheons better than the Tung-Sol or RCA's that I have on hand.
I'm here for the fellowship...
I have always wondered why naysayers even join Audio forums, esp those who's whole purpose is to celebrate the differences in audio reproduction with various gear etc.   Its like an Atheist joining a church 'Just' so he can stand up and bash people about their belief in a higher power.     
Link to product for sale      
Only $174 more than the standard Havana....which coincidentally happens to be the exact price for their Asynch USB/Bridge.   Hmmmmmmmmmm.   With the added bonus of BNC in and a Silver Mica cap instead of the regular cap for better sonic performance.     Another well known manufacturer charged almost $500 more for adding Asynch USB to their Dac.  Still others are still working on it.....[I won't mention any names]  
Yes you should expect that...anything to fuel the fires of conflict.   As you can see, this thread has devolved into a senseless debate of rhetoric.  I think you have achieved all you can with this topic, time to move on with your research by other means.        
The human ear filters everything out above 20kHz, so unless you are a dog there is no possibility of hearing any advantage that Hi-Rez may provide.   You are human aren't you???   Or will you be buying your digital products for your pets??
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